Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment

Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment This post is my rejoinder to my post carrying a message I received in Whatsapp from a friends group on Abilene Paradox. My response sent to my friend in Whatsapp group follows: “Very true. But in India, in the busy corporates, none has any time to think and effect behavioral… Read More Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment

I need vs. I want

I liked this msg .. Felt like sharing_* 😊 _Are we earning to pay builders and interior designers, caterers and decorators?_ _Whom do we want to impress with our highly inflated house properties & fat weddings?_ _Do you remember for more than two days what you ate at someone’s marriage?_ _Why are we working like… Read More I need vs. I want

Bless the water

*Bless your water* *Approximately 70% of earth is water and about same ratio in the body, water plays a very important role in our physical, emotional and mental health. The packaged water we consume from stores is nothing but lifeless water. It’s important to bless water everyday for your and your family’s good health. A… Read More Bless the water

What distinguishes great leaders from merely good ones?

What distinguishes great leaders from merely good ones? It isn’t IQ or technical skills, says Daniel Goleman. It’s emotional intelligence: a group of five skills that enable the best leaders to maximize their own and their followers’ performance. When senior managers at one company had a critical mass of EI capabilities, their divisions outperformed yearly… Read More What distinguishes great leaders from merely good ones?