The I Am Presence

CONNECTION WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF: THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU Joey is a nurse in a maximum security jail. She has been a jail nurse for twenty years. Most of the other jail nurses she knows have gotten burned-out and changed jobs. But she keeps going, taking care of the people who, as … Continue reading The I Am Presence


OM Is God, You, World and Everything –Mandukya Upanishad

OM . . . . . With our eyes may we hear what is good. With our eyes may we behold thy righteousness. Tranquil in body, may we who worship thee find rest OM . . . Peace – Peace – Peace   The syllable is OM, which is the imperishable Brahman, is the universe. … Continue reading OM Is God, You, World and Everything –Mandukya Upanishad

Write your Own Scripture

The scripture that is for you can be written only by you, by your own experience. ***************************************** Osho, Is knowledge about esoteric subjects such as chakras, collective unconsciousness, energy fields, really helpful along the way, or not? Or will whatever is needed come to me through experience, in its own time? Anything that is needed … Continue reading Write your Own Scripture

The Psychic is not the Spiritual

The Psychic is not the Spiritual   The psychic realm is not the same as the spiritual realm. Psychic faculties and powers are not the same as spiritual faculties and powers. In fact, there is nothing spiritual about being psychic. Many people today confuse the two and seem to think that “psychic” and “spiritual” are virtually … Continue reading The Psychic is not the Spiritual

How Thoughts form Matter – Coordination Points – Seth Speaks

HOW THOUGHTS FORM MATTER - COORDINATION POINTS As you read the words upon this page, you realize that the information that you are receiving is not an attribute of the letters of the words themselves. The printed line does not contain information. It transmits information. Where is the information that is being transmitted then, if … Continue reading How Thoughts form Matter – Coordination Points – Seth Speaks

A story about Karmic Purpose

A story about Karmic Purpose Excerpted from Dr Bruce Goldberg’s PAST LIVES FUTURE LIVES Note: Dr Bruce Goldberg is a hypnotherapist who taught hundreds to transcend time and revolutionize their lives now shares his most astonishing case histories --- from the book’s Title Page **** At the end of July of 1987, a very interesting … Continue reading A story about Karmic Purpose