MANTRAS From The Masters and The Path by C W LEADBEATER Lastly we have the seventh school, which in India is called mantra yoga . It may be well to expound its principle here at somewhat greater length than the others, for the Ray of which it is one of the principal expressions is just now becoming dominant in the world, and is… Read More Mantras

Write your Own Scripture

The scripture that is for you can be written only by you, by your own experience. ***************************************** Osho, Is knowledge about esoteric subjects such as chakras, collective unconsciousness, energy fields, really helpful along the way, or not? Or will whatever is needed come to me through experience, in its own time?

How Thoughts form Matter – Coordination Points – Seth Speaks

HOW THOUGHTS FORM MATTER – COORDINATION POINTS As you read the words upon this page, you realize that the information that you are receiving is not an attribute of the letters of the words themselves. The printed line does not contain information. It transmits information. Where is the information that is being transmitted then, if… Read More How Thoughts form Matter – Coordination Points – Seth Speaks