The Three Doors

The Three Doors There is a poem which says: Three doors there are to the Temple To know, to work, to pray; And they who wait at the outer gate May enter by either way. There are always the three ways: a man may bring himself to the Master’s feet by deep study, because in … Continue reading The Three Doors

Occult Powers in Nature and in Man (Geoffrey Hodson)

Occult Powers in Nature and in Man - Introduction - Address at the commencement of the summer school GEOFFREY HODSON During our Workers’ Conference and the Convention itself our thoughts were led by the lectures and by the discussions which followed them to the problems in the world around us and the application of Theosophy … Continue reading Occult Powers in Nature and in Man (Geoffrey Hodson)

Power and use of Thought

Power and use of Thought by C.W. Leadbeater THOSE who are ignorant of Theosophy sometimes suppose it to be merely a system of speculative philosophy. Nothing could be farther from the truth than this; there is nothing in any way speculative about it, for it is founded entirely upon observation of facts, and upon experiments … Continue reading Power and use of Thought