Groups in the social media

Groups in the social media Dear and respected friends. I am very wary of groups as I do not perfectly fit into any group. I have a very open mind, my tastes are eclectic, my love and compassion universal. Any group claiming to be exclusive, I respect them and respect all their admins and honourable … Continue reading Groups in the social media

Why are we like this ?

Why_are_we_like_this??? Two main activities in social media in this hour of crisis: Write memesSpin beautiful words (a) either cautioning people or (b) suddenly metamorphing into an all-knowing doctor (c) or pooh-poohing the steps taken by the government saying it is the politicians who created the virus or (d) spinning a tale of conspiracies around two … Continue reading Why are we like this ?

Gratitude and Prayer

Handclaps done in our street from gates, balconies from 05.00 to 05.09 IST, Chennai, India. We thank all the Rashtra Rakshaks.   👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏   We extend   our gratitude and best wishes   and prayers for protection to #our_brothers_and_sisters   expected to come to office in the absence of public transport and work and mingle … Continue reading Gratitude and Prayer

Mails that start with “Congratulations, your loan amount is ready..” are the most hated

"CONGRATULATIONS" I get this message daily 100 times more than I got during my studies and in my career.  Nothing to be happy about. It is commercial mail and SMSs and phone calls.   Can't we effectively do away with unwanted emails and SMSs and unwanted pesky calls. TRAI norms do not give 100% results. … Continue reading Mails that start with “Congratulations, your loan amount is ready..” are the most hated