A Different Thank You Message

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL FRIENDS WHO DID NOT RESPOND Request for pardon: I inform that this message may not be intended to be sent to you and I request you to kindly forgive me. Please see the note given at the end for clarification. *The massive endeavour of writing 120 posts covering the … Continue reading A Different Thank You Message

Why are we like this ?

Why_are_we_like_this??? Two main activities in social media in this hour of crisis: Write memesSpin beautiful words (a) either cautioning people or (b) suddenly metamorphing into an all-knowing doctor (c) or pooh-poohing the steps taken by the government saying it is the politicians who created the virus or (d) spinning a tale of conspiracies around two … Continue reading Why are we like this ?

Gratitude and Prayer

Handclaps done in our street from gates, balconies from 05.00 to 05.09 IST, Chennai, India. We thank all the Rashtra Rakshaks.   👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏   We extend   our gratitude and best wishes   and prayers for protection to #our_brothers_and_sisters   expected to come to office in the absence of public transport and work and mingle … Continue reading Gratitude and Prayer