Memory of a loss

Originally posted on January14, 2016 in Facebook "L C Sir" aka L CHANDRASEKARAN Two days of massive learning of valuable truths, after the Chennai flood which has taught many unforgettable lessons to many people. My wife's cousin brother expired yesterday after fighting with dreaded cancer for the past 6 years. A man of very good … Continue reading Memory of a loss


Governments, Act with a Heart

On public comments about a politician's vitriolic comments on Mother Teresa, I read one letter from Shri Ramachandran of Kerala which inspired me very much. I reproduce it below: "We must note that organisations for charity and political parties and religions which claim special concern for the poor have a stake in the existence of … Continue reading Governments, Act with a Heart

Don’t be a crap, Reclaim yourself, Live a Realistic Life

Facebook is a forum which starts with friends, then with known persons, then friends of friends and so on. You get a kick when your friends in Facebook multiply. A torrent starts – unlimited number of messages that pour down on to the page, many of different tastes, genres and levels of elitism or its … Continue reading Don’t be a crap, Reclaim yourself, Live a Realistic Life