Thought Power 12: for a New Civilization

Pure Thoughts—Their Impact on the World Thought Power for World-weal Thought Power for Cultivation of Courage and Love Thought Power for an Ideal Life Thought-energy for Service and Spiritual Progress Help the World by Good Thoughts Thought Power and the Conditions of a New Civilization Pure Thoughts—Their Impact on the World The western psychologists and… Read More Thought Power 12: for a New Civilization

Thought Power 11: for God – Realization

Life—An Interplay of Thoughts Thought Results in Spiritual Experience Thoughts of God Divine Thoughts for Freedom from Diseases Thought-culture by Knowledge and Devotion Thoughts and Yoga Practice of Mental Quietude Winning Friends by Practice of Yoga The Yogic State of Thoughtlessness Yogi of the Developed Thought Power Thought-boats to Infinite Strength   Life—An Interplay of… Read More Thought Power 11: for God – Realization

Thought Power 9: Its Transcendence

Thoughts and Life Thoughts and Character Thoughts and Words Thoughts and Actions Thoughts, Peace and Strength Thought, Energy and Sacred Thoughts Thoughts That Bind From Pure Thoughts to Transcendental Experience Raja Yogic Method for Thought-transcendence Vedantic Technique for Thought-transcendence   Thoughts and Life Man thinks of sensual objects and gets attached to them. He thinks… Read More Thought Power 9: Its Transcendence

Thought Power 8: The Patterns

Discrimination and Inner Mental Culture Unwholesome Thoughts and Self-watchfulness Self-development by Yogic Thought-culture Thought-culture by the Method of Substitution Spiritual Methods for Thought-culture The Importance of Thought-culture The Battle of Thoughts Good Thought—The First Perfection Culture the Thoughts and Become a Buddha Avoid Thoughts of Another Man’s Defects Last Thought Determines Next Birth The Background… Read More Thought Power 8: The Patterns

Thought Power 7: Positive Methods for Its Control

Thought-control by Practice of Concentration Thought-control by a Positive Attitude Thought-control by Non-cooperation Art of Thinning Out Thoughts Thought-control by Napoleon’s Method Arrest the Recurrence of Evil Thoughts Give the Wrong Thought No Concession Nip the Bad Thought in Its Bud Spiritual Practice for Elimination of Evil Thoughts Best Remedies for Evil Thoughts Daily Discipline… Read More Thought Power 7: Positive Methods for Its Control

Thought Power 6 : Varieties and Their Conquest

Get Over Gloomy Thoughts Victory Over Intrusive Thoughts Drive Away Obnoxious Thoughts Master Worldly Thoughts Conquer Impure Thoughts Subdue Negative Thoughts Overcome Habitual Thoughts Triumph Over Unimportant Thoughts Transform Instinctive Thoughts Lessen the Number of Habitual Thoughts Gather Inspirational Thoughts Reflect Over Illuminating Thoughts Right Thoughts for Wrong Thoughts The Gamut of Thoughts Mean Thoughts… Read More Thought Power 6 : Varieties and Their Conquest

Thought Power 5: Its Development

Acquisition of Thought Power by Moral Purity Thought Power by Concentration Thought Power by Organized Thinking Thought Power by Will-power Simple Prescriptions for Clear Thinking Sadhana for Deep and Original Thinking Meditation for Applied and Sustained Thinking Acquire Creative Thought Power Develop Individuality: Resist Suggestions Supernormal Powers by Thought-discipline   Acquisition of Thought Power by… Read More Thought Power 5: Its Development