ATMAN Sri Sankara The Atman that is Absolute, Existence and Knowledge, cannot be realised without constant practice. So one seeking Knowledge should meditate long upon Brahman for the attainment of the desired goal. The mind, the sense-organ and so on, are illumined by the Atman alone, as a jar of a pot is by a… Read More Atman

Towards the Goal Supreme – Paramartha Prasangha

This is from a book by Swami Virajananda of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Movement. The book’s subtitle is PARAMARATHA PRASANGHA. The title explains it more eloquently: TOWARDS THE GOAL SUPREME.  This small book of 296 pages contains within it 353 short lessons on spirituality. Though the book is from a Hindu monk and contains some references that may be… Read More Towards the Goal Supreme – Paramartha Prasangha