REINCARNATION – நானும் என்னைப் படைத்த அவனும்

நானும் என்னைப் படைத்த அவனும் REINCARNATION The thirteenth-century Persian poet Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi, known today simply as Rumi, the Poet, wrote one of the most beautiful statements of spiritual wisdom ever offered to humanity, a succinct declaration which places reincarnation in the framework of God-realisation and shows the way for people seeking enlightenment: I died a… Read More REINCARNATION – நானும் என்னைப் படைத்த அவனும்

Words for God

Brahman In HINDU mysticism, Brahman is the transcendent and immanent Spirit of the cosmos; neutral, static, life energy; God as Absolute, Unmanifest Being; cosmic unity. It is close to what the neo-platonists called Universal Mind. The aim of the mystic is to achieve union between ATMAN, the individual Self, and the divine Brahman, to realize as it states… Read More Words for God