“Silence this time was more audible” — My Another Social Media Lament

I could not accept earlier that I could go this much wrong in my understanding of people.

My years of meditations and pranayama have added some particular insight and I often grasp the unstated emotions and sometimes even unstated words of people I interact with.

I am not only a tolerator of other religions, other faiths, other castes but a lover of other faiths and castes. No one becomes great or petty merely by the place or home of birth.

But whenever messages where I talked passionately about other religions were posted by me, my posts met with a stoic silence.

I could gather that my close friends chose to act very carefully by choosing silence lest they hurt me by saying what they actually felt.

My meditations about this topic has yielded this light.

I wanted to dismiss this light of knowledge but I could not as the subject came up even in my dreams.

I also realised that my assumptions about all were very wrong and this led me to believe that there is less than a positive approach to other religions.

I am a staunch Hindu (which never means I should condemn other religions). I have seen true light and love from the foreheads and eyes of Christians and Muslims after the hour of prayer. This I observed in more number of cases than in case of Hindus after their pooja and prayer though the proportion of people of other faith I know is just around 5% of the number of people I know. The Hindus I know include both upper castes and lower castes.

Thinking that as close friends they would be willing to know of my experience I even shared five six posts of mine in my blog in the group.

But the silence was more audible after I posted the links to my blog posts. This has hurt endlessly and is still hurting.

Similar was the fate of my posts which contained true facts about economy, which led me to believe that the friends took it as anti Modi Govt.

This hurt more as I am an open-minded fellow who believed that while liking the Modi government I can share knowledge based viewpoints based on accepted economic principles.

Thus I got hurt on a number of occasions and I have come to a conclusion that I can no longer run a group with such a divergent less open narrative.

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful posts which I enjoyed very much.

(*** And so the group was dismantled.)

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