Seeking Peace

Excerpted from FOR SEEKERS OF GOD – Spiritual Talks of Mahapurush Swami Shivananda  published by Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata, India

The way to peace is very difficult — full of thorns. … Great effort is required to make progress in the realm of the Spirit. But if one sincerely wants to realize God, it is certainly true that he will receive His grace…

Spiritual efforts without sincere love for God are fruitless. Sincere love is what counts. … Without the grace of God one cannot have such love overnight, and that is why regular practice is necessary. One should cry to God, laying bare the heart. “O Lord, be merciful to me. I am an ordinary man. How can I hope to realize Thee unless Thou vouchsafest to appear before me? Have mercy on me, O Lord; have mercy on this weak being!” Pray this way to Him every day. The more you cry to Him the more your mind will be cleansed. The Lord will reveal Himself to the pure transparent mind.


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