Third Contact with Lord Jesus Christ


This happened in the year 1987. I had joined Nellikuppam branch of Indian Bank in 1985, on transfer from Agra branch of the bank.

It started as a complaint of cold and fever with body ache. Usual OTC medicines of aspirin were taken. Body pain reduced but not the fever. I took a leave of two days only and returned to office. But every afternoon I got the fever and went home with fever. Everyday routine was medicines and hot water to drink.

Local doctors were referred. Not of any benefit.

Next week the fever shoot up to 103 degrees.

Went to Cuddalore the nearby big town where big government and private hospitals were located.

Every doctor diagnosed me as suffering from urinary infection and advised to consult with one doctor Mr Prabhu at Cuddalore who could cure me.

He tested me and prescribed a set of medicines for two more weeks. Two more weeks went but fever was not gone and I grew very weak.

One Monday I went to Cuddalore again to Dr Prabhu’s nursing home to consult. While on way back in the evening, I met a staff of Indian Bank working at my branch. He said he will come to my house after two days.

I returned home. Took newer medicines given by the doctor. But the fever was relentless. A local doctor said three weeks of high fever and wondered how I was still alive.

Two days later, I was lying in my bed after taking rice porridge for food. Mr S P Hirudhayaraj, our staff whom I met at Cuddalore knocked at the open door, not coming inside.

I called him inside. He didn’t and said “Sir you belong to the priestly class and are wearing the holy thread. I should not enter your house.”

I limped with weakness towards the door, came out asked him, “are you a true Christian. It is strange that you as a Christian believe in the caste system of the Hindus. Please come inside and sit in the chair if you are a true Christian.”

He had come with a friend working in the local TNEB (Electric Supply Office) who on hearing me, came near my friend and both came inside our house.

They drank the hot coffee and biscuits offered.

Mr Hirudhayaraj told that they both together go on Sundays on bicycles to all the needy people, doing service by collecting new and old clothes from all people and donating to the poor and they go to houses of sick persons and do prayers for speedy recovery.

He said he was hesitant in my house to do the prayer as I was a staunch Hindu Brahmin who did regular pooja and prayer at home and that we might not wish a Christian coming and  praying inside.

I explained that I am a believer of Christ and that I was brought up by my parents as staunch Hindu but one who should love and respect other religions also. I also showed the Bible kept in my bookshelf along with Hindu scripture and prayer books.

I told him that I should also be allowed to repeat what they say in their prayer.

They kneeled down on the floor and I joined them. They spoke words of praise to Lord Jesus Christ in Tamil language and I repeated after them.

It was about some 10 or 15 minutes of prayer. Already I had started sweating profusely and felt that the heat in my body was evaporating. The sweating lasted for over 5 minutes in the entire body from head to toe.

I started shivering. Mr Hirudhayaraj touched my body and the top of my head, simultaneously thanking the Lord for having cured me.

It was indeed a miraculous happening.

A complaint of high fever of nearly a month had just vanished in one round of prayer.

The fever did not recur again and I rejoined duty in two days.

Praise Be To The Lord

That was the third contact.


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