Second Contact with Lord Jesus Christ

Plain Truth 1972 (Prelim No 10) Dec01

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The Plain Truth

That was the name of the free magazine** published by Ambassador College, Pasadena that I was getting from the first year vacation of my B Com graduate course.

It was a Christian institution spreading the word of God. I did not know that then. I saw the beautifully printed magazine in a friend’s house and requested the publisher to include me in the mailing list.

In my village I was the first boy to receive mails from abroad and hailed as such. (During the next year vacation I started receiving the magazine Finance & Development published by World Bank and sent free from USA. This was the second foreign magazine I was getting.)

After a few issues of the magazine The Plain Truth the publishers started sending me a 12 part course of Bible Study.

The front page of the 8th instalment course carried the face of a baby in black and white, which attracted me very much.

At my secondary school I was getting good name in drawing pictures with pencil. I decided to sketch the picture of the baby in a paper using only pencils and I drew it over a A3 size art paper and got it framed and gave to Mr C Karuppian, the Drawing Teacher at my school. My drawing was the talk of the town for many months. (ha ha ha!! , it was the talk of the village, as I was residing a village of 8000 population at that time.)

Readers from abroad ( I am in India) who happen to read this should understand the classification of areas was not based on the size of population but on the size of the municipal body’s revenues. It was a legacy of our British rulers (who came as traders) from whose clutches the country got independent in 1947. I then thought that was a bad idea and still I think it is a bad idea not to classify an area as per the size of population. This is certainly a bad yardstick in democratic administration of a country where the factors of importance escape the primacy in decision making.

The Plain Truth magazine was giving regularly articles with colour photos of areas in Jerusalem, Babylon, Arabia and many other places where the archeology had revealed many prophecies of old Testaments as true happenings on the Earth. This attracted my analytical mind and I went through the whole of the Old and New testaments in two years that brought me very near the Lord through the words of the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

That was the second contact.


**The Plain Truth magazine was one of the most widely circulated magazines in history. At its peak, it was printed in seven different languages, with a circulation of over 8 million. Each issue was given away free. The Plain Truth was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong in February 1934. Mr. Armstrong’s Plain Truth magazine analyzed world events through the lens of Bible prophecy. This perspective made the Plain Truth unique—and hugely popular. The accuracy of the Plain Truth in forecasting world events before they happened is what made it the most valuable magazine of its time. After Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986, however, the Plain Truth went off track. His successors rejected Bible prophecy and rejected Mr. Armstrong’s Bible-based teachings. Today, the Plain Truth is out of print. But Mr. Armstrong’s legacy survives in the Trumpet magazine.

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