Beyond the Sixth — A Chequered Journey — 7


Ordinary persons (not a saint, not a philosopher, not a magician) having experience beyond the sixth

This is a post made on October 5, 2018 by a lady in the website:

I’ve had multiple experiences with God. Two experiences that are so amazing that words can’t do them justice. I am 35 years old and I grew up in a atheist household. I asked God to be part of my life when I was nine years old. I didn’t have the best upbringing and I was alone. God hasn’t let me down since.

I’m going to start with the experience I had yesterday.. my husband and I had an argument which we never argue or fight. I was crying so hard sitting on the sofa I remember saying I feel so alone and have no one to talk to. Than I heard a voice it said “your not alone you have God”. The voice was so loud and clear it made me jump up. I was still crying and looking down. I know this sounds like it can’t be real but it really happened and I have to tell someone. The voice told me to look outside.. mind you right now it’s October in NY and it’s dark until about 8 in the morning, this was around 6:45-7 in the morning. So I looked outside and I remember it being dark outside because I had let the dog out. I looked out the back window and the sky was lit up a yellow bright almost lime green light! It was so bright like glowing! Something said go outside experience this. I looked at my deck and the wood looked dry it was so bright their was no water on the deck. I sat in the patio chair… the air, clouds everything was glowing yellow… the bumblebee bees were in slow motion while I was watching them I felt how beautiful they were. I looked up and their was a double half rainbow it seemed in perfect position. I knew I was in God’s presence. I thought about getting up to get my phone and take a picture but I heard God and he told me not to move, he said experience this for it will only last a minute! I stayed I felt him all around around me he was with me. The sky went back to normal I walked back to the house it fell dark and my deck was soaking wet. That just happened yesterday.

So my other experience was four years ago I gave birth to my son whom was born with a very rare heart disease.. he had his first open heart surgery at 14 days old. After his surgery he was in ICU for three months. Their was a baby across from us that was born the day before him. My son and her son had the same middle name and a very similar first name pretty much the same birthday and our boys were both very sick. So both babies caught Ecoli in the hospital.. it was horrific. The head Cardiologist came to me at my baby’s bedside and told me to make arrangements because it doesn’t look good and she’s sorry, that she wishes it was another way. I remember being angry that I was alone when given the news. I was devastated … I left the baby at the hospital to go pick up my other son from school. I was in the car waiting for him to come out and I heard a voice.. it said and I’m not even making this up.. it said get your shit together and pray like you’ve never prayed before. I still remember that prayer I can still feel it when I think about it.. I told God I don’t want my son to live but I need him to live , I explained to him why.. why I needed this prayer answered I prayed with my soul I felt every ounce of my pain and soul radiating out of me.. I was sitting in the seat of the car but felt as if I was on my knees I felt sweat goosebumps and energy coming out of me while I begged for Gods mercy, I made promises to God to let him guide my path. That was the only day I ever prayed like that. It was unexplainable but I was begging with more emotions than I knew I even had. I felt like time stopped I didn’t hear the cars going by or didn’t care who saw me crying and praying I had no shame. The next day the doctors said all my son’s fluids came off and he did a complete turn around that he can leave the ICU. They were shocked! I knew God did that and he worked all night on my son! The other baby died .. .I feel guilty for that, I don’t have a reason I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. My son is doing well and has had other open heart surgeries. I hope he grows to do God’s work and help them plant. Thank you for reading my experiences I hope they help you in some way. I now just say God plan my path and guide me. I don’t try and make things happen I just trust that he will push me where I need to go, I hope that helps.

Another post by a male on July 29,2018:

I’m 23 years old male. I never had a connection with god when i was young. My parents did not believe nor they had any experienced with God. I alienated from happiness and love when i was around teenage. I felt a lot of rejection from every direction possible. I had troubles with law and with mental health, in a sense i had problems with life itself; and I thought life had problems with me. When i got older I got involved with more unhappiness in form of violence, drugs and a criminal way of life. You know the feeling, when you are surrounded by fog. You can’t see straight and you feel there is nothing left in the world but that fog. I had that feeling except it was in my head, all the time. I even thought about suicide. When i was at my lowest point I prayed. I don’t know what i prayed but I just prayed. That was the first contact with God. I felt surreal happiness and feeling of comfort. I cried and cried and I couldn’t stop. I felt love. From that point on I started to change my life. Few years later I am at this point, writing this. Today I cried. I cried because of happiness. God is that happiness. God is love.

The quest continues…



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