Beyond the Sixth – A Chequered Journey – 4


Carolyn McGee, a spiritual blogger says “the Angels are sending you clairaudient messages. Sometimes the message is the words of the chorus and other times the chorus is just the hook to get you to look up the words of the song to find the details of the message.”

One Mr Vishal Thaker, on Dec 2, 2018 while writing to related an incident of hearing such sounds:

This is a real incidence..which I’m going to tell u.. I stay in a chawl system in dahisar (mumbai) from last 12 years..around 6–7 years ago..when i was studying in a school..there are many peoples in my chawls who use to say that there is a ‘witch/devi/chum-chum wali bai’ who comes at every friday morning between 2am to 5 or 5:30 our i thought that there is nothing like that n thay r jst talking shit..but one day my mom told me that she heard that sound near 5:15 am on friday i thought that my mom will not lie to i asked my some frendss..they also told me that they have also heard this kind of ‘cham-cham’ 5–6 that time ‘bhool- bhoolaiya’ movie of akshay kumar was released before 2–3 yeras before that i thought thay have some kind of misunderstanding..but one day before ganesh chaturthi me and my friend who has heard that sound twice or thrice before were sitting alone near the mandap of ganpati in chawl..that was a night of friday between 1:45 to 2 am we were jst talking and discussing about this sounds and ghosts and kind spirits etc. U wont believe that there was nobody except us and then we both heard that sound ‘cham-cham- cham-cham-cham-cham’ 5 to 6 times..and there was no body we seen..we looked at each other face and ran away from that that time i realized that there is something supernatural spirit or power that exists in this world..

Crystal Anne Compton writes in an article titled “Music Of The Spheres: The Frequency Of Enlightenment”: So many of us feel disconnected — because we are not observing. We are not looking therefore we are not finding. It is as simple as that. She goes on to say “Here is the truth: You were born with everything you need to connect with, experience, and to receive messages from Spirit. You don’t need to go to a priest or a psychic or a healer in order to “make contact”. You have all the connective parts right within and without you — you simply must train yourself to notice and then to use them. You can start today by acquainting yourself with the far and the near sounds, and learning to use them.”

So I am happy that there is enough company of people who hear sounds that others do not.

We also come across of various places haunted by nonphysical presence and there people with a strong sense of psychic happenings or with a very weak fearful heart report hearing or seeing unnatural sounds or scenes in the night. These things usually are located around specific places.

But our house and our village were not haunted places. And certainly the goddess is not a ghost.

Doreen Virtue, the famous Angel Therapy books author, says that each of our five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense.

DEAN RADIN, Ph.D in his article “25 Superhuman Powers You Can Gain Through Practicing Yoga and Meditation” talks of the claiaudience thus:

Siddhi III.41. Clairaudience, through samyama on the area behind the ear. This siddhi allows one to hear the “conversations of the enlightened ones, the subtle mental conversations of others, the celestial music, and receive messages through the ether both awake or while asleep, as if they were spoken or whispered whether or not they exist through the medium of sound waves as such.” In other words, this is a refined form of clairvoyance or clairaudience.

The quest continues…


(More posts will be made as memories gather to a shape and thinking faculty continues to work.)


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