Good Samaritans – Pursuing the joy of giving

Photo from The Hindu, 11.10.2017

Pursuing the joy of giving

TNN | Jun 13, 2018, 00:43 IST


Meet the couple, K Janardhanan and his wife R Jalaja, who resigned from government jobs spending little for their simple life and giving the rest to the needy.

Being in a comfortable plum government job is a dream for many. But, for this city couple – K Janardhanan and his wife R Jalaja – serving the elderly and the needy in society is more heart whelming than being in a cosy government job.

Janardhanan, 74, was an assistant general manager (telecom), when he took voluntary retirement in 2000 and his wife R Jalaja, 66, was the personal assistant to the commissioner of central excise. When resigning in 1994, Jalaja had 18 years of service to complete. “It was not easy for me to convince my boss and other colleagues as they tried their level best to convince me. But I stood firm in my decision and never regretted,” says Jalaja.

The couple from Tirunagar started a home for old people in 1994 and ran it till 2010 under Vaibhav Seva JJ Foundation. Simultaneously, they also conducted classes for veda and slogans free of cost for 16 years. They ran it in the ground floor of their house and they stayed in first floor. When they found it is congesting for the inmates, they bought an adjacent building in 1999, investing a part of their savings.

So, whose decision was it to start the trust and help the needy? They themselves do not know it exactly. “We both had the intension of helping out people. We are so made to each other that when I want to express something, my wife speaks it out,” says Janardhanan.

Although they earned well, they found contentment only in giving it to the needy. The couple do not have a child and never thought of adopting one. “The bank balance never made us happy and for us it was a burden. When we spend for those who genuinely in need, we get the joy of giving,” says Jalaja.

The couple has been spending Rs 1 lakh every year towards educational assistance to students for several years now. Many underprivileged students have benefitted from this initiative. “We help eight students every year and assistance is released only after ensuring they are genuinely in need,” says the couple.

The couple came to know about Dr R Balagurusamy and his doctor friends running a free hospice facility for abandoned people through a story published in TOI in 2016. After watching their activities keenly for a few months, they understood their need for a building to run it. The couple gave away their 25 cent land purchased with their retirement benefits in Vilachery free of cost. The market value of the land at present could be more than Rs 75 lakh. They also paid the registration fee. They arranged Rs 15 lakh and helped in the construction as well. The facility is now set for expansion and the couple is into mobilising Rs 10 lakh more.

Jalaja – Janardhanan couple is leading a simple life, spending money only on basic requirements. They still continue to enjoy the joy of giving, they say.


Courtesy: Times of India

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