Beyond the Sixth – A Chequered Journey – 3

Illustration of the thought processes in the brain

The Riddle of the Unknown Sound – 3

“Silent is an anagram of listen.” ― Johnny Rich, The Human Script

In the Indian epic Mahabharata, “What do you see ?” Dhritharashtra asked Sanjaya. How was the latter able to describe to the blind king of what he saw happening at the battlefront of Kurukshetra. It was Sage Vyasa who granted Sanjaya such a gift of remote sight (divyadhrishti) which now acted as the eyes of the blind king.

But what made my grandmother frequently and my mother occasionally to be gifted with an ability to hear sounds unknown and unheard by others ? If it is a gift from God, why it did not stay with them? Or is it that the God is trying to teach something to some people alone?

Is it a psychological weakness or illness? Some imagination of a fertile mind?

Is it just an incidence of tinnitus, a medical term for phantom noises heard by a person in the outer, middle or inner ear, caused by auditory nerves or brain interpreting nerve signals as sound?

If it is so, how two persons in a house could have a similar experience ? Did something they took as food in the lunch or dinner have something to do with the experience?

But I do not accept that a 10 year old would be told a lie by his own mother, something to boost her image or create fear/respect towards her in the mind of her child.

If my mother and grandmother who were essentially normal human beings without any perceptible psychic bent of mind, why there are no reports of such happenings from other persons.

Or is it such happenings do not come out in the open because of expectation of possible social ridicule?

Is it a case of a super hearing faculty in certain people? “But hearing isn’t like other senses; if a light is too bright we can always close our eyes or turn away, but our hearing is always ‘on’, even when we are asleep, and super-sensitivity would be quite impairing”, says Budd, a lecturer and scientist at the University of Newcastle.

Whether to believe such an incident as true is the first question we come to, in our mind. For most, this question remains as a permanent question, without any answer.

Where to go for an answer?

Rummaging through the net, today I found a pamphlet that gave some statistics : ( What sort of things do people hear?

  • Studies suggest that people hear things like a telephone ringing, sounds similar to the television, pets (i.e. cats and dogs) running round or meowing / barking, scurrying sounds, rustling, people talking / a voice(s), sirens, loud noises, bangs, clanging and many more.
  • A recent study of over 1,000 people with no psychiatric history found that 16% of these had heard voices. This would mean that about 10 million people in Britain have heard voices.
  • Another study of 17,000 adults found 4-5% of the general population experienced hearing things that others did not hear during any one period. This would mean that about 3 million people in Britain would hear something that others did not every year.

I have a strong feeling that we in India have become very scientific in approach and outlook to an extent that someone who has had such incidences, not understood by science, is afraid of a bad image if he reveals it.

If ordinary people like my grandmother and my mother who were never identified as untrustworthy or of an unsound mind, could have had experiences like this, it must be possibly be true that more people also have such experience. The only difference is that our people are not that courageous and open as the people out there in UK, where such studies could be made.

But in a country like India where the entire world is coming down to learn mental peace and psychic powers from Indian gurus, why can’t we believe that you and I are also capable of something in our senses other than the six accepted, the sixth being the only differentiation between humans and all other species of creation.

In Tao and Longevity, Nan Huai Chin states: “One who has deep religious beliefs may have illusions of hearing the voice of God or Buddha. Often the voice will speak of the past or future, and this a priori information may be quite correct, at least in small things. Thus, one might believe he has clairaudience. Whatever is heard is actually just a big assembly; it is a mixing of previous experience–what has been seen, heard, thought and known before. This kind of clairaudience could be used to predict small matters, but it will not work on big events at all. If one clings to the idea that these voices are real, he will fall into a state of Mara, or illusion. This shows that the mind is receptive to impressions but this is not a genuine instance of clairaudience. A person should not be puzzled or moved by this reaction. Instead, he should sometimes swallow the saliva and release the feelings in his head. This requires a strong mind and persistent will. By guiding the chi downward one will pass this stage and enter the next.”

But we should also remember this : The Bible, God’s love letter to mankind, makes it clear that we were created to have two-way communication with Him. Jesus tells us in John 10:27, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

The quest continues…


(More posts will be made as memories gather to a shape and thinking faculty continues to work.)


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