Beyond the Sixth – A Chequered Journey – 2

The Riddle of the Unknown Sound -2


When Shvetaketu returned from the Gurukula after finishing his twelve years rigorous training in all the branches of knowledge, his father Uddalaka found arrogance in his expression. Once Uddalaka called him by his side and asked him, “Shvetaketu, my boy, have you, ever sought out the knowledge of that by which the unheard can be heard, the unseen can be seen, the unknowable can be known?” – Chandogya Upanishad

The old lady hesitatingly told her:

“You are too young to understand this. You will in due course understand. You have seen the sculptures in the temples, right? You have seen the goddesses in groups, at least like this: one goddess in the middle, supported by one on the left and one on the right. You have seen other sculptures of demi-gods with weapons by Her side.

“Imagine this like you are witnessing the group dancing and singing with bells, conchshells, veena, trumpet, drums etc. The Mother Goddess in our village temple regularly travels to the entire village in the nights to take care of Her devotees.

“I believe She does it daily. But She blessed me with a chance to hear the sounds of her movements some nights. I was also afraid initially as you were. But later the fear went away and I developed an interest to be able to hear the sound. You also had a chance to hear the sound twice. I believe it must be the same sounds I heard on those nights.

“Do not ever be afraid about such things. These are the usual happenings. Just pray to Her to protect you also when you happen to hear the sound again.”

But my mother told me then that her fear instead of vanishing had increased.

The first day I heard that I did not sleep the entire night. The next morning I went to the Goddess at the temple to pray to Her to protect my mother, father and me. I told the Goddess that I am afraid but I will thank Her if She does not ever come in my dream or make me hear sounds unheard by all.

Hoping that God has heard my prayer and all will be alright, I returned home. I slept well that day.

But the day after that I could not sleep fully. I woke up in the middle of the night, I did not hear anything amiss, I just mumbled a few words and slept again.

I had no chance of asking my grandmother as she went up to God long before my birth.

As I remember now, it must have been at least two or three months at that age of mine to have a private minute with eyes closed requesting the Goddess not to appear in my dreams.

What I write above and now has been a private thing not shared with anybody so far.

I do not remember to have asked my mother whether she had seen or heard such things again.

Instead of treating God as love, I used to fear whenever I thought of God. I was taught at school some poetry in Tamil about God being full of love and compassion who has weapons to fight the dangerous forces of nature and protect us.

When my teacher explained it, I understood the words and what they meant. Who at that age would have truly understood what that poem told ? At least I was not that gifted.


(More posts will be made as memories gather to a shape.)


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