The Real Human Being – 4 (Concluding)

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The Real Human Being

By Swami Krishnananda

(Spoken on November 18, 1976)


Continued from third post

Hence, we have got subtle difficulties which can threaten us, and the greatest threat is death itself, the great fear of mankind from which one tries to escape by hook or by crook.

We are inventing enzymes, elixirs and medicines to prolong our life, but for how long? For one year, two years, three years, four years, ten years? After that, what will happen?

Well, the reality of life will pounce upon us like the wild animal in the jungle, and we cannot escape it. The reality of life is staring at us even now, and we want, ostrich-like, to thrust our heads into the sand of the desert and think it is not there.

This is how we are living in this world.

We are very important people, but we are fools if we really go into the deepest truths of our nature.

We appear to be important in the midst of people who are not willing to accept the realities behind the human relationships.

We shake hands with one another, we drink tea at the same round-table, but we dislike one another.

If this is the truth of the matter, man cannot be happy. So are we to live in this world merely by somehow or other getting on by artificial relationships, shaking hands, cups of tea at the table and drugs in the night for going to sleep, or are we going to find a real solution from the deepest roots of the problems of life?

If you have discovered the secret, you are a really cultured and educated person, and I would say you are a real human being.

Where there is brutality at your base, where the animal is still lurking at your subconscious and unconscious levels, where you can hate and pounce upon another, there humanity has not fully manifested itself.

If you cannot be really human, how can you be divine? To be a divine being is the step above the level of the human being, and are we really human beings?

Well, we can call ourselves human beings if the antagonistic instinct of the animal is completely absent in us.

Anger, for instance, is an animal instinct, and are we free from it? We show our teeth at our own friend if we are rubbed hard, when our desires are opposed or crossed. There cannot be harmonious relationships; and what is peace but harmony?

Samatvaṁ yoga ucyate (Gita 2.48): Yoga itself is harmony.

Harmony is to be established in every level of life.

When it is physical harmony we call it health, when it is mental harmony we call it sanity, when it is social harmony we call it political or social solidarity, and when it is spiritual harmony we call it salvation.

So ultimately, it is all harmony in every level of life, right from the physical, the vital, the mental and the intellectual to the social, the cosmic and the spiritual.

This is to be the metaphysical or philosophical background of all educational psychology and the basis of even our practical day-to-day existence, which is what we are living.

This is to give a little idea of what we have to ponder over deeply if we are not to go from this world crying like babies, if we are to leave this world with a happy smile on our faces, with the satisfaction that our life has been lived for the purpose for which it has been intended, and not merely for falsely demonstrating to others a feature which is not there.

Life has to be real, and the reality of life is nothing but the adjustment, or rather the capacity of adjustment, of our personality with the environment outside.

With these few words I invoke the blessings of God upon you all for a happy journey and for achieving the goal of your life. God bless you.


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