The Real Human Being – 2

The Real Human Being

By Swami Krishnananda

(Spoken on November 18, 1976)

Continued from first post

We have to study the human being in his essentiality to find out whether we have really progressed through the centuries or not.

What progress has mankind made? Let him declare it in a very specific manner, logically and scientifically.

To increase one’s desires and to implement more and more instruments for the fulfillment of those increased desires cannot be called progress in culture or civilisation.

We have manufactured more instruments and more weapons, more technological devices, which are identified with progress in culture and civilisation, but all these have become necessities merely because of our increase in desires.

The greater the intensity of the disease, the more is the need for medicine.

Just because we manufacture more medicine, we cannot be called progressive because it only means we have also increased disease simultaneously.

We are very sick, and our sickness has gone so deep that we have to invent more and more medicine.

Well, we can pat ourselves on the back by saying, “I have got thousands of antibiotic factories,” but it is not progress.

Why should there be antibiotic factories if we have no disease?

Our disease has become so complicated, so deep-rooted and so awe-inspiring that we have to manufacture more and more virulent poisonous drugs and complicated devices for the satisfaction of desires which cannot easily be fulfilled.

Now, all these are at the background of our so-called human progress through the march of history, and if we medically, psychologically or psycho-pathologically examine human nature as such today, we will find we are the same brutes that we were centuries back, and it is not very difficult to demonstrate this truth. …..

We have only to be scratched to find out what we are, and occasions arise when we thus come into confrontation with the realities of life, and then our real nature comes out. We are brutes, and are not in any way cultured in the real sense of the term.

A human being who cannot see any value in another human being cannot be called a cultured person.

If we take another human being as an instrument for our satisfaction, if we regard another human being as our servant or subordinate, if we regard another human being as our enemy or and an obstructer, well, we have not understood what humanity is.

If this is the case, if this is our psychology, if this is our inner structure and pattern or makeup, what advance or progress in culture has been made?


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