Right attitude one should adopt to live in this world of chaos and competition

When drinking coffee with Times of India in my hand, I happened to read an interview in a page I do not normally read, the city supplement of the newspaper.

It was an interview with a software-professional-turned-actor. I liked the attitude the actress has about her life.

I give the extracts below:


Honestly, I feel that I live each and every moment of my life.

People try to pass every day thinking ki ‘chalo, ye abhi aisa kar lete hain, toh future accha ho jayega’.

There’s no point of thinking, ‘Let’s hustle right now or stress now, to ensure tomorrow will be better’. No, I don’t believe in that funda.

I feel that we need to live each and every day, only then is our life worth living. Otherwise, you are dragging yourself and trying to survive. So, I live my life.

And that’s why I come across as a person who is outspoken, bindaas and no-nonsense.

I tell people this all the time. Is it really too much to be yourself? Is it a big thing that I’m being myself in the industry? I don’t think it is…

It takes big courage to realise that at first, but when you do, it is some other feeling.

You feel on top of the world, because you are not going to be standing there and doing things to validate yourself, or doing things because others like it.

You do things only because you like it. When you do that, people will automatically like you. …

As an Indian, I have a certain sense of responsibility and I owe that to my nation, in a way. I mean, if I am right I have nothing to fear. What will happen to me?


I think that the above words of the actress point out the right attitude everyone must have in our day-to-day life.


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