Power of Social Media – a good example of its benefits


Here I am just recording a set of lively to-the-point discussions passionately made about the subject of a class on energy, I came across in Facebook. I have just copied the words and not the names.

*I just wonder about the series of comments which show that the readers are interested in the subject and comments come from their minds and not made superficially. Even when the thread takes a different direction, the discussions are still topical.*

Such type of coming up of minds can do wonders for our civilization.

I am sad that I do not find in India much instance where people known to each other or not known come together, talk their heart out, not with any animosity or ego and strictly restricting their comments to the topic as much as possible.

I want to see much more such instances of many minds coming together to spread light among themselves and illuminate others.

Though there are lots of dangers of social media as everyone knows and accepts, this is just an example, a good one, that justifies its place in the society.

*A post that appeared in FB:*

You know everything is energy – but do you know how your ~personal~ energetic blueprint is controlling your life?
…join…on a fascinating exploration of your vibrational ecosystem – and how to erase the blocks holding you back from your unlimited potential to create, love, grow, and live.
(… means names removed )


*Some comments I saw to this post:* (I have not edited any of these comments.)

My vibratorational ecosystem is grate. Simple put respect and love in everything,and everyone around you.Equally alive and
not alive. Woods, animals, people, earth and rock.

For moving one’s vibrations towards being, and keeping them in the positive realm, controlling one’s thoughts is essential. Avoiding disco music and senselessly violent entertainment is also very desirable…
There are always exceptions to every rule! May you always have clear and sensitive hearing…When I can’t avoid a loud venue I take ear plugs with me…then I can hear the music much better..it sounds far less distorted when wearing them…One man’s meat is sometimes another’s poisson, as Dad used to say (poisson is not a typo!)..one of my favourite musics is the sounds of the beach, when out of earshot of human activity…hard to find these days…


I have been lucky and have stuffed tissue in ears on a couple of occasions. Waves are lovely sound also for me are steam trains, which pass near where we live some times😊
There you go…you’re aware of the danger and take precautions…very wise…steam trains! …I can get watery eyed reminiscing about the Didcot rail museum and the Twyford and Woodcote steam rallies/fairs…There’s no steamy society or anything of that ilk here…as the saying goes, you can’t have everything…ooh yeah…I’m vegan these days, except for fish…its really horrible how all farmed creatures are treated these days…live long, be happy and prosper!!!
Some disco music is cool
I agree ..cool for dancing to, but not as background music…for that something quit, melodious and relaxing I find vastly superior…however, I recognise that every rule has its exceptions!
What is ‘real music, I think…I define music as ‘A sound that transports you to a higher spiritual dimension..that is, after listening to it you will be more likely to do someone a favour than you would otherwise have been. That effect may last a few moments, or a lifetime….’

so are we, pescatarian I don’t want to eat anything living but I have a problem getting protein as can’t eat a lot of pulses as I have IBS so have to eat fish. Woodcote Rally on this weekend, we plan to go on Sunday. It’s cousin Pat’s last year as the secretary of it after 12 years she is taking a rest.
I’m jealous! Dear Pat deserves a rest…when she’s not the secretary perhaps she’ll enjoy the event in a more relaxed mood! Live long, be happy and prosper…

Soul movement or trascedent is more valuable than to hearing disco music. Disco music distract your attention and is more of melody and materialism but soul energy is about your life and hereafter. Return to God today through your energy rather than meditating alone
Definately, Avoid it! There are plenty of other music dance venues to enjoy…experiment…try something new to your experiebce….in my younger years, I built up a classical music collection by buying vinyl LP recordings of music I’d never listened to (nowt else available then, and a weeks pay would get you 3 of them, playing for a total of 90 mins!). I was never disappointed. The thing about classical music is that you need to know what the composer wanted to express in his work. Then you need to listen to it several times. At first, you might not like it much at all. Then, by the third time, something in it plucks at your heart strings. Like all good things, true musical enjoyment is not born out of instant gratification. It takes a certain amount of EFFORT (nasty word, that, these days!) But once the effort is invested (in this case, listening with concentration,, in an undisturbed environment) the rewards are worth many times more than the initial investment. It’s the same with the greats of jazz, like Duke Elkington or Miles Davies…of course, easy listening is exactly that..doesn’t take too much beyond listening with concentration and the rewards can be as great… but put it on and talk away and you’ll NEVER experience the full, soul-lifting bliss that great music can give you…disco music?….How can such a noise give me peace of mind and uplift my spirit??!!!! Ok, you can jig around to it…watch Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers…that’s dancing…the top ‘dancers’ of today are artistic acrobats, nothing against that at all, but acrobatics and dancing are different genres…a key feature of dancing embodied in the work of Astair and Rogers is a total fluidity, beauty and grace of movement that is so very lacking in artistic acrobatics, whose almost only criteria of judgment is technical difficulty…ok, so I’m an old rascal..tell me something I don’t know…but I have peace of mind! Incidentally, these days I’m too busy in my workshop or playing keyboard to listen much at all…every now and then, by chance, on TV, in the bus (daren’t drive here in Mauritius..) I might hear something like the Beach Boys, Home Free (check them out singing Amazing Grace) or perhaps a Beatles number…c’est la vie!

I agree with everything you say about classical music, Fred Astaire, peace of mind, everything! But disco music is not for peace of mind. It is,according to my opinion, to listen from time to time, when you are in a mood of joy, or something. Should we say totally no to it?
I count on one God who created all energy ‘ anything else that deviates from that would take me down the dark hole.😳 Which doesn’t have anything to do with religion it’s all about energy right?😉💗🎶💦🌿

Let me ask you just one simple question is it possible that you could have been born in a different country defending a different religion is it possible that all spiritual teachings are true it is only when we add the human factor that it becomes a religion?

I look at it like this God definitely works in mysterious ways to be open-minded of all those possible ways is not easy when we focus on one belief it’s been my experience if I allow myself to only believe within one belief system I cannot see outside of that belief system I am a Christian Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and will always be but he has challenged me to be open-minded I find it is not something easy to do in this reality without offending someone or making people feel like they are being attacked but being open-minded is the only way to see all of God’s mysterious ways of teaching us.

Are you guys ok with me butting into your conversation? The subject is something most people can’t talk about without fighting. You two are wonderful!
i feel u are so right.
Ive been in church for years and this year ive realised they dont speak my language and God has shown me more and more just to love and that has led me to listening more to other spiritual practices which is makn me feel closer to God.
Hes bigger than just religion.
I thought God is Spirit, not energy. You cannot believe in one God (thinking of Christianity) AND be open to just any or all other spiritual practices. Then you are saying there is one God (but outside of religion or Christianity), which is a God accepting ALL religions and spiritual practices as correct… and that idea is definitely not Biblically accurate.
This idea of loving is an interesting and dangerous one. In Christianity, the suggestion of loving your neighbour (meaning everyone else in the world!) as you love YOURSELF is also made. However, the danger lies in loving everything, even the sinful ways people choose to adopt. Love really means correcting one another, but in a non-condescending manner, not so? If I love my child, I love him or her fully just as they are, but I do not allow for just any type of behaviour… and this is usually for the child’s benefit… to protect him or her… out of love.
trust me, this is knowledge Jesus would like you to have so that you can help others , He lived a life of 500 and above, He said don’t be afraid and that is the one thing His followers are, afraid, filled with fear of the unknown.

Does it have anything to do with God our creator and Jesus christ the only son of righteousness ?
Does the given tools during the class help in removing external negative forces who blocks and stop people from attaining their destiny?

This is not religious, however does provide you with tools to remove negative blocks that we have accumulated throughout our life!

What kind of retarded question was that??? There was nothing about the profile that screamed religion. I wouldn’t have joined otherwise. Looking forward to the master class!!

Hello sir those things are only words in a world that manifests from our minds. Everything you think you know. You must unknow. These words these things that manifest from minds that we put into physical expression are not real. Yes they are energy but a different form of energy. Take a car for example. Without someone putting gas in the car to drive the car then it is lifeless and useless correct. In otherwords. Inanimate. Where did the car manifest from besides our minds. Cars are made of metal aside from a few other things correct? Here is where it starts to get tricky. Without us building the car it is not physically there correct? Them metals we used to make the car came from the earth or from metals floating through the universe that made their way to earth. Metal is a physical thing that you can use your five physical senses to physically have an expression of the metal that was at one point just energy that collected into a physical form to make an alloy. Now we physically exist as well right? In order for us to build this car we have to have energy to build it correct? We dont have gas tanks and we dont have plugins so where does our energy come from? Now I will reveal the answer to that question after a bit more explaining. When somebody says something hurtful to you it hurts right? Where does that usually hurt? Usually in the heart correct? Well how is that possible since it was just words. Words cant physically hurt but they do. There must be some sort of energy behind those words or we wouldnt be able to feel it on the INSIDE! There are two sides to everything in this world. One extreme to the complete other extreme. These physical objects do not have that. Which in return just makes them lifeless at the other end is life. We can either build a lifeless world of things that cannot love us therefore cannot bring you happiness. These things categorize us and control us but how since there is no life to these things. Because in our minds our egos or superegos have the need to feel superior. So we create these things for acceptance power and live in the illusion that they actually give us this power but really they arent because only life has power right. Well since we know that lifelessness doesnt bring love or happiness just lonliness and pain. At the end with life is where love rules all. Ask yourself in this physical world why you went to work everyday? Well to make money to take care of what you loved most. Your family right. Well if you love them then why do you need all this meaningless stuff when you had the only thing that was real all along which is love. This is not a physical energy it is much much higher. Again if somone says hurtful words you would want to deflect those so they dont hurt you
With love you let it pass through you and accept it into your heart and that is how you become stronger. Once you become that best version of yourself then that is your truest identity. You start passing that love to others until there is enough love to light a fire across the world to unite all of us into one. Enlightenment is to be fully aware and fully understand the truth. When that happens the fequency of love that the universe puts off aligns with your soul and you experience such beauty and love from being connected with all lifes vibrations resonating through you bringing you such inner peace. Everything you thought was real just melts away all around you and you are only left with tears of love and beauty. A feeling of purity like a child. Love love love. It is what truly makes the world go round. I did miss a couple things but I got a little caught up in the moment which is where we all should be living by the way. Time is infinate we are infinate. There is no past or future
Only the present the now. Things are constantly changing so you are only seeing the future as it unfolds right in front of your eyes. Our bodies. Inanimate as well. That is why the only thing that is real is your spirit, but it can only truly be real when it is filled with love and that will be when you awaken to the truth. I simcerely hope this post cleared some things up for people. If anyone still has questions I can probably break it down even further. Just be specific with your questions.

End of the day it is all about ourselves r u a well being, power is with in us.

*Courtesy to these wonderful people*


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