Knowledge of the Self

Mattapalli Narasimhar

In this material world, we, the human beings, are related to the Lord, primarily in nine ways:

  1. He is the soul within us. We, the Jeevatmas, are His external body.
  2. He is the Master and we are His servants.
  3. He is our Father. We are His children.
  4. He is our Teacher. We are His students.
  5. He is our Husband and we are His wives.
  6. He is the enjoyer and we are His enjoyment.
  7. He is our Saviour and we are safeguarded by Him.
  8. He orders and we are ordered.
  9. He is the Owner and we are owned by Him.

Our soul possesses and is replete with knowledge. The food we consume is of no use / consequence to the soul. The soul does not become fat or thin. The Lord who resides in such a soul is referred to as Purusha.

Jeevatma does not have pleasure of its own. It renders service to the God. Pleased by the service of the Jeevatma, the elated Lord’s face blossoms and on seeing the Lord smile, the Jeevaathmaa feels happy. It is this happiness that the Jeevatma enjoys, nothing on its own.

God’s blessings are essential for all the parts of our body to function properly, for the enlightenment of our knowledge and for the relentless operation of our mind.

Whatever we possess in this material world are all bestowed by Him. If He does not grace us with His blessings, we would not be in a position to enjoy Him or listen about Him or worship Him.

As we all are His servants, we all are equal before Him. He is impartial to all those who surrender unto His Lotus feet.

Goddess Lakshmi resides where the thoughts and deeds of the husband and wife are synchronized.

The baby in the womb converses with the Lord and the Lord reciprocates. This is the reason why the baby, at the time of its birth, cries “kwa kwa”, which means “Where? Where? ” The baby is actually asking” Where is the person with whom I was conversing hitherto? ”

The following five aspects are pre-determined when the baby is in the womb-

  1. Lifespan-The age up to which the baby will live.
  2. Progress-What the child would do for its living and what betterment it would enjoy in this world.
  3. Education- The education that he/she would gain.
  4. Wealth- The wealth he/she would possess
  5. Death- The day the soul would leave the body.

A person realizing this truth will not go behind unnecessary things.


Excerpts from ” Vedic Churns” (Nectar from Kurai Ondrum Illai) by Shri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariar Swamy.

V G Krishnan

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