The Unknown Advisor


It was a long time since I saw him. He had not aged a bit: I wondered how he looks the same, even after a couple of years. You may wonder whom I am talking about. I do not know him to tell you anything about him.

It was the early hours of the day. My back and hip sprain forced me to stay more time at bed, sleeping, almost sleeping or sometimes in the twilight zone.

I did not open my eyes, I think. Or did I ?

Love and affection flowed from his eyes. Wavy black beard. A bright face. Where from the brightness comes ? There was no light coming through the window, as the Sun was yet to rise.

I tried a brief smile at him. He started scanning me. Somehow I was not afraid. “You are from Brother or Epson or Canon or HP,” I asked. He smiled. Did not say a word.

I was curious for a response. All of my friends will tell you of my this weakness. Always curious, more about the response. I waited for him to open up. My eyes were simultaneously on his lips and eyes.

After some time, a small movement of lips.

“Tell me, you know all. What is the single biggest weakness of youth, as you see ?”

“Pardon me, I am not fit to tell about the weakness of youth. I am sorry.”

“Do not tell me. I am watching you from your birth. It was not for nothing that you a Virgo always was looked at as a criticizer. I am not telling you act bad. But a criticizing mind does know about the one or two things about the others for which criticism is made.”

I still kept quite, trying to avoid the conversation. I told him my sprains are aching me, mind is unset and I could not reply and asked him to go, telling “next time.”

He did not budge. Said, “Next time is a long time. I will not go now until you give the answer.”

I took some time, thinking that being silent will make him go away.

No sign of him leaving, no sign of Sun rising: what is happening ?, this old guy with young looks, beautiful face, dark flowy hair on the head and on the beard, is so powerful to stop the Sun from rising ?

Sort of some fear grew up my sprained spine.

He sensed it. Raised his right arm and told me not to be afraid.

What is that ? In a flicker of a moment, his eyes did a marvelous thing.

His eyes suddenly became a source of unlimited love that embraced me and entered into every sinew of my body.

Suddenly my fear vanished. I seemed to get back the usual small amount of courage(?!) I have, and determined to answer him.

“Youth waste lot of time on the internet, on social media, on video watch, on gossip, aimless loiter in the web, with no attention to their goals (if any).”

The loving face suddenly looked reddish. “What you are telling ? Is it you that is telling all this. ? Do you have any eligibility to say so ?”

He blurted: “Start seeing yourself in a mirror. The whole day for weeks. Analyze what you are doing. The next questions also you must answer. But that is when we meet again. Do not be happy that will take a long time. Be ready for true development as a person, as a human being. Maybe tomorrow we will meet or the day next. But stay in the bed for another half an hour. Get these questions to your heart and make ready your true responses.:

    • Are you not wasting time on internet ?
    • Are you not loitering aimlessly endlessly in internet ?
    • Are you not wasting your time and of others ?
    • What is your goal ?
    • What is the wisdom of this new WhatsApp group you started?
    • Are you not wasting the precious time of people who are more responsible than you.?”

He vanished without a sound and just then Sun had risen and my wife has returned from the temple.

I am sure you do not want to know who is that person I met.

Still, if in spite of this, you want to know:

He is available in each of us. He always waits for our talking with him. He is truly interested in you and your welfare. He is full of wisdom. You can count on him.

All you have to do, is just use the twilight time of your sleep-waking-up. Jose Silva calls that the alpha time.

I intend to act as per the wishes of this well wisher, who I know will make me a better man, better human being.

Think about this.

You may also feel free to share with me what your well wisher has advised you.

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