I am not bored at all : I had an imaginary walk through strange places

I first went to the Advocate and had an emergency treatment for my illness with good arguments.

While walking from the doctor clinic, I was hungry. I saw this Naidu shop, but I did not go inside as I do not take biriyani even if it is not dumb.

Further on the way, lot of dog childrens were being sold, I wept at their fate and walked away silently.

Fortunately, a friend of mine who saw me walk, took me in his car to the Airport, where I and my friend had good sumptuous food, all the while taking care not to carelessly eat even a tiny part of the carpet, and both came out safely.

While the car tried a shortcut lane, I saw to my utter horror the shops having these boards and shown them to my friend, who while on the reverse gear, exclaimed how our civilization has stooped so low to offer different girls for eating, but had some consolation that some special type of girls are preferred for jobs.

My friend bid goodbye at the entrance to a shopping complex.

A board indicated that the writer or his forefathers from a place either from Thailand, or, Malaysia, or Arabic, but trying to tell us some services he was extending.

I carefully avoided the next shop selling lot of snakes, always watchful of every inch of my walk.

An intelligent board told us explicit reason why the shop is not open that day, pure Saraswathy Kataksham.

All of you know I do not take anything non-vegetarian, I avoided the next shop. But I wondered about the courage of the non-vegetarians in never minding to eat even sick chicken and sick mutton. They must be very healthy it seems (while I eagerly receive various prescriptions from my affectionate relatives!).
But the last shop with that unique board was an eye opener. I had read a lot about magicians, spiritualists, unseen entities, but always was wary of knowing about the witches, fearing that some such one may spring up from the page I am reading.

But I was happy that this board belonged to a good Samaritan who wanted to remove the hesitation and fear of unintelligent fellows like me.

I wanted to enter the shop and take lessons from the shop about (1) witches and their types (2) the drinks they prefer (3) tea or coffee, with milk or without, with less sugar or more. (4) how to send the tea or coffee to the witches. (It was obvious that we should not directly take tea or coffee to the witches, and probably for our safety, it would be better to send them through the boys in the shop!)

Eagerly I started climbing the steps to the store. But alas, a honking horn sound stopped me.

My friend had returned to pick me up and drop me at my house.

Half-hearted, I boarded the car and returned home.

I carefully avoided telling about the events of the day to my wife, as I was very tired, especially from back and hip sprain, and entirely depended on satiating my hunger only at home.

Do not curse me after reading.

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