Which birds are allowed to build a nest in your tree and make a home there ?

Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result

This is the tagline of my blog.

It is a quote from Edgar Cayce. A whole philosophy was born out of the countless readings this “Sleeping Prophet” gave during sessions with people who came to him with questions seeking solutions to the problems they faced.

There is a very popular book I liked since my youth, “The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Creating Your Future” by Mark Thurston and Christopher Fazel, 1992 edition by Ballantine Books.

I give below excerpts from the first chapter of the book, listing the first principle out of the “24 Basic Principles for Creating Your Future.”

I hope this extract will prove to become a correct explanation of the quote I am using in the tagline of my blog.


Mind is the Builder : What You Think You Become

The SPIRIT is the foundation of all things – the raw power from which everything is born. It is the source and essence of all life. The Greeks called it pneuma, the Hindus call it shakti…. The Cayce Readings label it the Creative Force.

How does this spiritual force express itself in the three dimensional world of time, space, and form ? – Through the activity of the mind…

With a unique mixture of attitudes, emotions, logical analysis, and intuition, it first creates a pattern. Using the pure energy of spirit, the mind shapes a thought-form

These thought-forms are quite real; although they are not a physical reality, they shape the physical world according to their patterns. One Cayce reading says simply that thoughts are things and are as real as a pin stuck into your hand….

What is a thought ?… Both Cayce and the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung describe the world of thought as the fourth dimension, the dimension of ideas.

How long does it take for a thought to build into the physical ?… There is not a simple answer. The timing depends on many factors…. In essence, the time gap between “mind is the builder” and “the physical is the result” boils down to two factors: the scope of what’s being built, and the perseverance of thouse who are laboring for it.

For most people the lack of consistent persistent effort is the obstacle. Most… fail to work at them (on ideas) until they can move from the fourth dimension to the third…. When people with a tendency toward procrastination asked Cayce how to success with their projects, he usually gave the same terse advice. “Work like thunder.”

The hatching Process:

  • Conception: also known as inspiration, the awakening of a possibility of something new;
  • Incubation: a time of accumulating energies. Think of an idea as an embryo or an egg that needs nourishment and time. Through incubation, it accrues the energy needed to penetrate the world of matter.
  • Hatching: Finally when the moment is right, the inspiration starts to materialize.

The Mental Body Mind is building with each thought. Cayce maintained that the mental body becomes your home when you are finished with your current physical incarnation…. Each of us has the power to build a paradise, through our thoughts, attitudes and action.

Thoughts and thoughts: “Your mind is like a tree, and the thoughts that enter your mind are like birds,” a wise old woman said. “It’s not so important which birds light on a branch of your tree for a moment and then fly on. What matters is which birds you allow to build a nest in your tree and make a home there.”

There’s probably not afleeting thought that we all haven’t held at one time or another, but the thoughts that build our reality are those that we feed on day after day.


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