Our ancient rishis were not only spiritualists as the present generation believes.

Each rishi had, only by dint of strenuous learning and hard work, acquired the mastery of many arts and sciences including martial ones, and could discuss, elaborate and describe about all range of knowledge from the smallest to the biggest.

India had a tradition of complete obedience, loyalty and faith to the Gurus, which present-day India lacks.

Considering the many subjects the rishis dealt with, it will be impossible for anyone even if he can live hale and healthy full of brains for 120 years, to fully learn from the beginning and understand, and then accept.

Everyone of the current generation wants to invent the wheel afresh and build their knowledge upon it.

If, for argument sake we accept it, it will be next to impossible for anyone to learn anything *completely* in a lifetime, as the world is ever-changing and ever-evolving and always dynamic.

We know that this generation puts faith on voluminous books written by masters in the subjects who have done dedicated research.

Similarly, our rishis were our scientists, who advised the masses to follow science and live safe and healthy.

Thus the volumes of knowledge handed down to the current world in the form of sruti, smriti, sastra, sutra, Purana are all the basis of knowledge to us.

External rulers and despots and our forefathers’ unabashed obeisance to them had brought all havoc to this great land of knowledge.

Scholars hailing from far-off places in the world who travelled to Indian peninsula, simply because they travelled from continent to continent in the earlier era, had been termed as travellers by the modern folk, completely forgetting that they were scholars and their travel was only in search of truth and wisdom.

In all the literatures of all the nations on the Earth, thousands of stories of their scholars visiting the Indian peninsula for knowledge and wisdom, exist as proof for the fact that the cradle of knowledge and wisdom was Indian continent, unlike the present generation who believe that it was only a cradle of spirituality and Vedas.

Actually Vedas, Upanishads, puranic tales, etc., talk science in a different language, as the learned PhDs of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vishwa Vidyalaya the world over have proved and are proving by doing test and experiments in the Vedic and Upanishadic truth, in labs as per western world accepted standards of experimenting and researching.

While the rationalists accuse the society of blind faith in myths and traditions, it is high time, we see with equal disdain the concept of “blind unfaith” our modern day reasoning follows blindly holding unfaith as the foremost quality of rationality.

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