Can we do anything with Karma and modify our fate ?

Can we do anything about karma ?

There are no easy answers to problems in life and there is no single book to teach a golden lesson. The fundamental principle behind all our enjoyments and sufferings is that all our thoughts, words and deeds are expression of energies – either positive or negative.

God is love and God is universal unlimited love. God and love are the two terms that signify unlimitedness.

If you try to put some limitations on the concept of God or the concept of love, then what you are talking is not about absolute God or absolute Love.

Love and God are representing the ultimate positive energies.

Anything – a thought, word or an action – which will limit the love, affect the love, shrink the love, eliminate the love, introduce uneasiness, introduce aversion, introduce hatred, involves envy, involves anger, involves avarice – always give birth to negative energies.

These energies we created are the karmas for us.

An accumulated karma is the fate for us. We never die as a soul.

When we die, we only shed our body.

In our nonphysical soul body, all the energies we created are imprinted. According to the nature of the imprints, we enjoy the fruit of our positive karma and suffer the punishment of negative karma.

As everything is an energy and energy does not die, energy has a life of its own and attaches to the doer until a time comes when that sort of energy is dissolved by the same doer.

Therefore, fate is nothing but accumulation of the effects of our past thoughts, words and deeds.

Here the term ‘our’ refers to the eternal we, that is the deathless soul and not the present physical body.

If it is difficult for you to believe that thought also creates energy, you have to accept that science has confirmed that every time we think a thought our brain creates – produces – manufactures one or more electrons.

Another thing science has found is that at death of a person, the weight of that person instantly gets reduced by a few grams. They say that the departed soul is certainly having a physical weight.

As we never remember the past actions and effects of our past lives, we call it fate – something that is unexplainable, cannot be changed, comes as a given at the time of our birth. All these ideas are born out of that.

But we have to remember this. Even now we are creating karma. Certainly what we do now creates our future fate. Energy theory in science also similar in expressions. Energy has no death – it changes form but never is lost, Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction.

It is a very long subject – cannot be just like that – by reading few paragraphs – be understood.

Start by thinking about yourself and start sitting in meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes. You just have to sit, not to sleep, close your eyes, be still, should not open either your eyes or your mouth, just do nothing. Do not try to drive the thoughts that come up. Be still. Let all thoughts – whatever- come and go.

Continue the practice for 3 months. Then a stage will come when you experience brief periods in meditation when no thought occurs. Now your mind has learnt how to be in rest.

After another month or two, your soul will transmit ideas, words and knowledge to you.

If you like the stage you persist it it. If you do not like, do not forcefully do. Just understand this is not the correct time.

If you read the Bhagavad Gita or any purana or any religious text, try to arrive at the deepest meaning of it.

A two line formula (sutra) in Sanskrit will need at least one or two days thinking about it. If you start doing this, the stanza you read will teach you profound meaning which the instant understanding could not have provided.

You CAN always decide what you do. It includes how you react to others’ actions. This way you control your karma or accumulate karma.

N Ganapathy Subramanian

Courtesy to Gurus and Philosophers

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