Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment

Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment

This post is my rejoinder to my post carrying a message I received in Whatsapp from a friends group on Abilene Paradox.

My response sent to my friend in Whatsapp group follows:

“Very true. But in India, in the busy corporates, none has any time to think and effect behavioral changes in the organization. Just like most workers, the bosses and leaders are also incomplete human beings, as they are constantly not in tune with themselves or the work environment, they too suffer the idiosyncrasies of longtime commuting in the pollution- ridden roads, labyrinthing through negativity-ridden civic society.

Mental peace is a very scarce commodity in corporates, each one only interested in the self and not at all in the welfare and growth of the organisation. Unfortunately this is more prevalent among bosses than the subordinates. I have both been a longtime boss and a longer time subordinate and thus am qualified to write like this.

Bosses have to be innately peaceful, humane, generous, open-minded, courteous, before they can achieve anything in an organisation.

Moreover, in our country, original nonconformist mindset is frowned at, as our previous entire two or three generations were mostly happy being slaves to foreign invaders and powers with little of self confidence left.

Slave mentality is ingrained in our psyche, genetically being passed on from parent to child.

God has given each of us pristine mind and heart but we never appreciate the God’s gift and never take care of our heart or mind.

Taking care of heart requires one to have a feeling of love and compassion to others.

Taking care of mind requires one to have peace of mind, which is next to impossible to attain, as long as one never cares for personal and societal values.

Thus these two vital things, i.e., heart and mind, having been relegated to a non priority area in our life, it is difficult to expect any change in organisations.

But fortunately, changing ourselves on individual level is entirely within our ability but not within our grasp, as it takes a very long time to get into a state of mind where one can realize all this.

When the heart and mind are all taken care of, this will rouse something called soul, which all of us have, but long kept inactive.”

– N Ganapathy Subramanian.

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