Power of the Will

In the physical plane there are many things which are frankly impossible; but that is not the case in the higher worlds. We cannot lift a ton weight without machinery, but in the higher worlds it is possible with perseverance to lift the weight of our many imperfections.

The reason for this is obvious if we think. Human muscles are not so constructed as to be able to lift a ton, and no conceivable training of them could enable them to do it, because the force behind them is limited.

In spiritual matters, the man has behind him the whole divine power on which he can draw, and so little by little and by repeated efforts he becomes strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

People often say: ” I can deal with the things physical, but on the astral and mental I can do very little; it is so difficult.” That is the reverse of the truth. They are not accustomed to thinking and working in that finer matter, and so they believe that they cannot.

But as soon as their will is set, they will find that things will follow the directions of that will in a way impossible in the physical world.

— C W Leadbeater, in “The Masters and The Path”

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