The Three Doors

The Three Doors

There is a poem which says:

Three doors there are to the Temple

To know, to work, to pray;

And they who wait at the outer gate

May enter by either way.

There are always the three ways: a man may bring himself to the Master’s feet by deep study, because in that way he comes to know and to feel; and certainly he may be reached by deep devotion long continued, by the constant uplifting of the soul towards him.

And there is also the method of throwing oneself into some definite activity for him But it must be something definitely done for him with that thought in mind: “If there be credit or glory in this work I do not want it; I do it in my Master’s name; to him be the glory and praise.”

The poem quoted above also says: “There be who nor pray nor study, but yet can work right well.” And that is true. There are some who cannot make anything much of meditation, and when they try to study they find it very hard. They ought to continue to try both these things, because we must develop all sides of our nature, but most of all they should throw themselves into the work, and do something for their fellowmen.

That is the surest of all appeals – to do a thing in his name, to do a good act thinking of him, remembering that he is much more sensitive to thought than ordinary people.

If a man thinks of a friend at a distance, his thought goes to hat friend and influences him, so that the friend thinks of the sender of the thought unless his mind is much engaged at the moment with something else.

But however much occupied a Master may be, thought directed to him makes a certain impression, and although perhaps at the moment he may not take any notice, yet the touch is there, and he will know of that and will send out his love and his energy in response to it.



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