To the social media nerd

Dear anonymous invisible One, You earlier posted “Six Great Confusions’. I want to confuse you now.

This is a summary of posts I made in Facebook last year. Take it now in full and enjoy, I am sorry, get confused. Hahaha. (No e-laugh please.)

*Six Great Confusions Cleared for the first time ? Ha Ha Ha*

I GENERALLY DO NOT LIKE TO LET MY FRIENDS ESCAPE FROM READING WHAT I POST. HENCE THIS SUMMARY IS POSTED. (even while talking, I usually repeat the same sentences frequently until the hearer hears it and says a reply. It is my inborn bad habit. Please put up with that.) Thank you.

  1. *At a movie theatre, which arm rest is yours? *

It depends. Next time you put your arms strongly on both the arm rests. The rest that belongs to you temporarily will be on the side with lesser resistance.😁

  1. *In the word scent, is “S”  silent or “C”?*

Who knows? It appears to be c. But in TV ads, a baby gets silent when a scent is sprayed on the holder.😁

  1. *If people evolve from monkeys, why are monkeys still around?*

All monkeys have not evolved into humans. The remaining monkeys prefer to stay smarter.👌

  1. *Why is there a ‘D’ in fridge but not in refrigerator?*

I have never seen a D ever put in a fridge. When I opened our fridge just now, no D is inside. 🤡

5.* Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made?*

Sun who got very angry at the baby efforts, came down to teach what was the time. And then the first correct clock was made. Now there is a fight about what is the correct time almost in all families in the mornings until the last one wakes up for the day.😁

And now sixer ….

  1. *If pro and con are opposites, wouldn’t the opposite of progress be…congress?*

If in a contest one wins and another protests you think they are on the same line of fight ? 😁

Vagaries of English Language! Enjoy!!!😀😀😀


*Wonder why the word funeral starts with FUN?*

At least one (the dead one) will have been relieved of problems. For most of us absence of problem itself is fun. Is it not?

*Why isn’t a Fireman called a Water-man?*

A fireman is called to douse the fire but never called to supply water to homes.😁

*How come Lipstick doesn’t do what it says?*

Now lips stick and stay locked for some time, not depending on lipstick. Lipstick is called so as it is used for lips and looks like a stick.😁

* If money doesn’t grow on trees, how come Banks have Branches?*

Because cash chest is stored in each branch of a bank. And your money if put in a branch grows over time.😁

*If a Vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a Humanitarian eat?*

You mean that Idi Amin was the only Humanitarian ?

*How do you get off a non-stop Flight?*

Turn that flight over to a public sector company. There will be no non-stops. Problem solved.😁

*Why do doctors ‘practice’ medicine? Are they having practice at the cost of the patients?*

Don’t you the modern economist favour everything to be done by non government people. All states vie to ensure that all doctors practice only at the cost of patients.😃

*Why is it called ‘Rush Hour’ when traffic moves at its slowest then?*

“Time’s up. Start at least now and rush. Or you’ll miss the class (or office) (or her)”. Such admonitions in millions of homes drives each person, who collects his pants and runs to reach. When too many come out and go through a way too small to accommodate, rush hour starts. Ola and Uber thrive on defining and redefining rush hours by doubling the hire charges.😃

*How come Noses run and Feet smell? *

In rainy season, all noses run to stay up, but some noses fail and the torrent of rain water push the nose so hard that it goes down and down until they reach the feet and stay there and you think that the feet smell.😃

* Why do they call it a TV ‘set’ when there is only one?*

Previously we used radio set to confuse us. Now we use TV set to confound us and set to make us crazy and mad if lingered for long.😃

*What are you  vacating when you go on a vacation?*

You first vacate your lousy bodies from the house, vacate many restaurants enroute of food, and from starting to returning always vacating the purse of money. You should be rather happy to have so many vacations in one vacation.😃


*We can never find the answers, can we?*

Who said we can’t find answers.

I have done my duty and have given the basest answers to the tricky questions. I allow now all others to supply better answers. 😃😆😅😇 Now stay for one minute with eyes closed and brain without thoughts, and you will regain sanity lost after reading my answers.

So just enjoy the pun and fun of the English language!!


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