Are men who treat women as commodity not ashamed?

Articles and articles in the various newspapers, magazines, blogs and webpages are heart-rending.

When India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi told parents to rear responsible sons, people probably thought that it is for the new babies yet to be born.

Khap panchayats, political elders and sometimes even some sections of media and judiciary feel sad for the rapists.

It was known in some Middle Eastern states, there is an effective deterrent punishment that makes the culprit unable to repeat the horror once again.

The way some sisters have explained their travails in a crowded bus, malls, theatres, social celebrations, religious melas and temple festivals should make all men shudder at what is becoming of the male kind of the humans.

Lamenting about how a girl should dress as if that is the sole reason for this type of crime on women confirms that the male kind does behave worse than animals who are supposed to have lesser number of senses.

Is the male kind “progressing” to a new evolution of animals that even the animal kingdom will frown and revolt to admit these new animals to be treated at par with them.

Men, do something to improve the ranking.


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