Do not forward everything — Take Care


I request all friends (me included) to take care in forwards especially when the posts are in low taste (even if however humourous and witty) and those that carry very strong emotions like anger, fury and hatred.

As social medias are always under surveillance and are tracked and the social media companies cannot protect our identity if pressured by the Governments ( always ever ruled ONLY by politicians who the general public and good citizens always view with disdain), it pays to be careful.

When we come across messages in the nature of shocking and sleazy revelations about prominent people either in the governments or in the public sphere, it will be better if we decide NOT to forward such posts.

There are many false propaganda planted in various posts made by many unscrupulous people in the social media.

Also there are fraudulent messages offering free net connectivity, instant increase in phone’s battery power, God photos with a request or order for reposts to at least so many groups or members which act will get us blessings from God.

Please know that many of such messages are injurious to your intelligence and ethics but also carry virus applets that may be injurious to your security and may sit as invisible program in the kernel of your phone’s OS and broadcast your secured data like your photo, address, contacts, profiles and sometimes even passwords and secret info you may have stored in the SD card in your phone.

We will resolve to be careful when it comes to the question of such potentially dangerous messages we tend to receive in the social media.

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