What is this Life if… – Celebrated Hindu Guru explains – Part 3

problems of lifea

The hopes of the believers in a golden age end in disappointment. The golden age never comes.

Coping with the problems of life is easier said than done. There is a limit to coping, and beyond that limit, life becomes unbearable.

The transcendentalists want to escape the problems of life by withdrawing into silence and solitude. But we must not forget that the world follows us wherever we go.

The so-called pragmatists also become disappointed because enjoyments only temporarily excite the senses, and such excitement is followed by sorrow.

Progressivists believe in progress toward good and hope to eliminate evil altogether. But as we make progress toward good, evil also increases in the same proportion; we cannot increase the one without increasing the other.

The efforts of the materialist to overcome the problems of life through material means are never successful. All the ills of life are not physical. Material solutions are useless against old age, fear, anxiety, and death.

For the people of faith, the rewards of the hereafter, wherever they may be, cannot take away the suffering of life here on earth. There can be no heavenly solutions to our earthly problems.


… to be continued.


SWAMI ADISWARANANDA, in Meditation and Its Practices, Introduction, xi-xv

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