Stress 8

STRESS – Read Without Stress – 8

From THE HOMOEOPATHIC PRIMER by Rajgopal Nidamboor, 1994

Anxiety is as old as civilization. Its evolutionary origins are not too difficult to understand, because the ability to flee is one of the most primitive traits of animal behavior vis-à-vis the need for survival. A core concept in many concepts of maladjustment, Freud viewed anxiety as the result of constant conflict among id, ego and superego. His defence mechanisms also represent strategies for defending against anxiety. When people fail to use the defence mechanisms, anxiety could pervade both the person’s daily activities and even his dreams.

A generalized feeling of fear and apprehension that may or may not be related to a particular event or object and often accompanied by increased psychological arousal, anxiety refers to a wide range of symptoms: fear, apprehension, inattention, palpitation, respiratory distress, sweating, dizziness and fear of death. The propensity for anxiety, which is usually acquired, may be due to some cause, shock, for instance, in early childhood.

Yet another example is the ‘stick’ given by parents or teachers to curb socially deprecated methods of fulfilling desires such as the sexual urge, or the need for achievement of status. A trouble child will eventually show fear, generalized anxiety and avoidance behaviour owing to past experience. It should, however, be borne in mind that these responses to anxiety often evoke sympathy and affection from other people, and that social attention rewards the person for playing the anxious role.


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