Stress 5

STRESS – Read Without Stress – 5

From THE HOMOEOPATHIC PRIMER by Rajgopal Nidamboor, 1994

Withdrawal is one defence-oriented method of avoiding stress by way of

  1. Repression, the process of excluding a thought of pain, shame or guilt;
  2. Fantasy, a retreat into a make-believe world;
  3. Beatnik reactions, where oddity rules supreme and the person becomes aloof; and
  4. Regression, where the frustrated person returns, without cognizance, to his earlier period of life and comfort.

Sublimation and substitutionare other forms that regulate stress. While the former is an indirect expression of the sexual urge, the latter is the conscious quality of desire which may take the shape of indecent behaviour. There are several other defence processes: Reaction formation, where there is a replacement of puritanical behavior; Projection, where the person may put the blame for his failure on someone else; Compensation, where a charming etiquette is developed to erase some deplorable behaviour of the past, and intellectualization, which encompasses three basic mechanisms, viz., 1. Rationalization, where logic takes the highspot; 2. Isolation, where persons almost “seal off” from life; and 3. Undoing, which involves ritualistic “cleansing” of hands: of a superstitious belief that anything touched would bring bad luck.

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