Stress 2

STRESS – Read Without Stress – 2

From THE HOMOEOPATHIC PRIMER by Rajgopal Nidamboor, 1994

For the sake of convenience, frustration may be classified into three main constituents:

  1. Environmental: Environmental type is usually experienced in the physical plane of life : from major catastrophes like floods, drought and communal violence to minor ‘tragedies’ like stray dogs bracing themselves up and keeping one awake at night, the rain playing the spoilsport in an exciting cricket match, and working under an unpleasant boss.
  2. Personal: While personal frustrations are due to feelings of inferiority, the conflict form may be illustrated by the Jekyll-and-Hyde type of behavior, where one will wants to do something, and the other forbids it. The latter may be seen when a person has both the positive and negative aspects of a goal set by himself.
  3. Conflict: To stay calm and cool all the time happens outside the realms of reality. It cannot happen in life. There is not a single healthy person who doesn’t have a series of minor conflicts every now and then. The minute one bottles up any feelings, one is putting some stress on the system. Think of yourself as a pressure valve. And pressure is the conflict that is in your emotions, all the time.

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