Stress 1

STRESS – Read Without Stress – 1

From THE HOMOEOPATHIC PRIMER by Rajgopal Nidamboor, 1994

All of us encounter pressures and stresses in some areas of life. While some people allow these pressures to created serious maladjustment, others cope with them effectively. By definition, a stressor is an environmental stimulus that acts on an organism in ways injurious in physical and psychological sense. They usually produce anxiety, tension and most importantly, physiological arousal. A stressor changes the way an organism responds, by inducing a response to stress.

Stress is a non-specific response by an organism to demands made on it.

Basically a product of an affluent society, stress is doubtless the buzzword of our times. The more successful a person, the more he gets alienated from his family, friends, and to quite an extent from himself. Stress and frustration become an inseparable entity, there and then.

Frustration is an infinite process as far as human adjustment to it is concerned. Some frustrations like business competition, social taboos and tensions are reactions which cannot be attacked directly. Daily life too has its share of frustrations : marital problems, money problems, workplace problems and so on. But then the human mechanism is so marvelously fabricated that these stresses are overcome sometimes, sometimes yielded to, or just accepted all through life.

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