The Bhagavad Gita – Capsule 7

The Bhagavad Gita in Capsules – Chapter 7

The book “The Prasthānatraya – An Introduction” by Revered Swami Harshananda, President of Ramakrishna Math, Bengaluru was published in 2001. The Swami has bestowed on us a summary of the 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita of Lord Krishna. I bow my head in reverence and in praise of Swamiji and pray for his blessings in my taking the liberty of retyping the summary from the book and posting it in my blog.

This is the Summary of the seventh chapter, Jnāna Vijnāna Yoga


How can one devoted to him (i.e., Srīkrishna) and practising yoga, know him well? This is described now.

Not all persons that attempt to attain perfection can get it. Only one in a million can really know him. This world is created by him out of his twofold prakriti or nature: aparā-prakriti or lower nature which is eightfold; and parā-prakriti or the higher nature which is the jīva or the individual soul.

He holds all beings and objects of the created world from within like a thread holding the beads. He is in fact the best and the essence in all beings and things.

His māyā, comprising the three gunas (sattva, rajas and tamas) (which, incidentally is his aparā-prakriti) can delude all and is difficult to overcome. Only those that totally surrender themselves to him can transcend it. The foolish and the evil ones do not surrender to him and hence will not attain him.

As for his devotees, they are of four types:

  • Ārtha (one afflicted)
  • Arthārthi (one desirous of worldly gains)
  • Jijnāsu (one interested in knowing him) and
  • Jnāni (the knower).

The last one is the best among them.

People generally take recourse to different deities to fulfil their numerous desires. However it is he (Srīkrishna, the Supreme Lord) that grants their desires, through those forms. He is the Supreme Lord, being enveloped by his own yogamāyā is not revealed to all.

Only those who have performed good deeds and are sinless are devoted to him to get liberation.


Courtesy: Swami Harshananda  (emphases, if any, are mine. – nytanaya)

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