Memory of a loss

Originally posted on January14, 2016 in Facebook


“L C Sir”


Two days of massive learning of valuable truths, after the Chennai flood which has taught many unforgettable lessons to many people.

My wife’s cousin brother expired yesterday after fighting with dreaded cancer for the past 6 years.

A man of very good heart, has almost been attending office as a top level executive at BPCL, RO, Chennai, except for few days of treatment and succeeded in recovering and rising up again and again in his fight with cancer.

Learnt that he never even once expressed about even a small discomfort to his family. A man of high quality education, top performance on the job at various stations, a man of many talents, a singer and artist, renowned astrologer of repute, a great human being who always took much care of the people around, in his personal and official life and who always was very energetic, enthusiastic and joyful.

Cancer has failed to dim his confidence in his being a good man till his death, though it has succeeded in eating away his body.

He has learned much, earned much but out of all his possessions, what he took back with him are 59 years of good virtuous life, thousands of good  tidings he ventured for others, and lots of love, compassion and kindness he showered on many others.

Though many among us are very proud of our physical assets, he was not even showing the pride of his owning a golden heart and leading a virtuous humane life.

Every such incidence  of loss of life makes us feeling shattered for some time, and in the end making us less materialistic and more spiritual and philosophical.

For the people who may not know him, he is Shri L Chandrasekaran, called ‘Sekar’ in the family and known as ‘LC Sir’ in the petroleum industry circles in India.

I pray to the Lord Almighty to shower All His Blessings on the bereaved family and to rest his soul in peace.

N Ganapathy Subramanian


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