Create Your Future

Create Your Future

I invite all the readers of this blog to find, buy, read and internalise all the wonderful instructions given, based on Edgar Cayce Readings, by Mark Thurston and Christopher Fazel, the eminent Cayce authorities, in their book THE EDGAR CAYCE HANDBOOK FOR CREATING YOUR FUTURE, published by Ballantine Books, New York, 1992.

These are the chapters in the wonderful book:

Part One : Basic Principles for Creating Your Future

Principle 1    Mind is the Builder: What You Think, You Become

Principle 2    Changing Anything Starts with Motives and Ideals

Principle 3    God is Living – Active and Responsive

Principle 4    All Is One – Everything is Connected

Principle 5    Live for a Purpose Greater than Yourself

Principle 6    Truth is a Growing Thing

Principle 7    Evil is Just Good Gone Wrong

Part Two: New Ways of Looking at Your Life

Principle 8    Personal Alchemy: Sometimes a Weakness Can Become a  Strength

Principle 9    Anger, Used Correctly, Serves a Good Purpose

Principle 10   The Good You See in Others Is Also in Yourself

Principle 11   Every Crisis Is an Opportunity for a Breakthrough

Principle 12   Life Is a Pattern of Cycles

Principle 13   Everything Happens for A Reason: You Have a Purpose in Life

Part Three : Free Will, Destiny, and Relationships

Principle 14   God Wants Us to Learn How to Make Decisions

Principle 15   In Every Moment We Are Either Helping or Hurting

Principle 16   Love Means Honoring the Other Person’s Free Will

Principle 17   Compassion Is a Way of Seeing and Knowing

Principle 18   There is Power in Groups

Part Four: Strategies for a New Life

Principle 19   Take the Initiative: It’s Best to Be Doing Something

Principle 20   Give If You Want to Receive: Only What You Give Away Do You Own

Principle 21   Why Worry When You Can Pray

Principle 22   There Is Power in a Person’s Name

Principle 23   Health Comes from Balancing Opposites

Principle 24   Grace Is Yours for the Asking

It is a wonderful book that will change you for the better, if you will allow it.

I have a firm belief that anyone who is seriously in a spot, small or big, and who is not satisfied of himself/herself and sincerely interested to learn about ways to become a new person he/she wants to become, will derive immensely useful advice in the book. There are practical exercises given in each chapter to help us on the path.


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