Towards the Goal Supreme – Paramartha Prasangha

  • This is from a book by Swami Virajananda of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Movement. The book’s subtitle is PARAMARATHA PRASANGHA. The title explains it more eloquently: TOWARDS THE GOAL SUPREME.  This small book of 296 pages contains within it 353 short lessons on spirituality. Though the book is from a Hindu monk and contains some references that may be inferred as of Hindu religion, the instructions are of universal value and anyone can make use of these as one wishes to progress on his or her spiritual path to become a better human being, as a first step before realising the Ultimate Truth of the Ultimate Reality of Godhead.
  • It is intended to post selected lessons from the book, in my blog, under the category: GOAL SUPREME LESSONS.
  • GRETRUDE EMERSON SEN in his appreciation of the book, says this:

    In an age of technology and specialization, it should at once be grasped that spiritual progress is not possible without practice, yet it is assumed that mere mental curiosity or intellectual affirmation, the reading of a few books or perhaps the prescribed number of visits to a psychoanalyst, is all that is required to clear away the jungles obstructing the vision of Divine Reality. How different the Indian exaction from the individual of utmost strenuous resolve and strenuous effort, as taught in these earnest pages! But Swami Virajananda assures us — and why should we doubt his words? — that control of body and mind will gradually transform the clay vessel into a worthy receptacle for Truth.

    • The book has been published by Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata, India ISBN 978-81-7505-032-7

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