Lesson 4: Japa and Meditation

Instructions on Spirituality – Swami Virajananda – 4 — JAPA AND MEDITATION

– December 07, 2017

Whatever be the time you devote to Japa and meditation – even if it be only ten or fifteen minutes – do it with all your heart and soul.

The Lord is the Indweller, the Inner Guide. He sees your heart; His measure is not how long you meditate on Him nor how many times you do Japa, but by your inner longing.


In the beginning, Japa and meditation taste rather dry. Yet you must go on practicing them, even if it be like swallowing medicine.

Yet you must go on practicing them, even if it be like swallowing medicine. You will find joy after you have practiced steadfastly for three or four years.

Then if you miss your meditation even for one day, you will feel miserable – out of joint, as it were.


Self-effort (Purushakara) is necessary for spiritual attainment. Resolve firmly, “I will realize God through my own efforts by doing spiritual practices,” and go on steadfastly practising Japa and meditation, seated in proper posture, for at least two hours every morning and evening, for three or four years – and see if you succeed or not.


It is not good for householders to do much Pranayama or Yoga. Those who are bent upon it, should strictly observe regularity and moderation in all walks of life.

They should have nutrition and Sattvic (pure) food at the proper time, well-ordered activities, a life without worry, a healthy and secluded spot with pure air and temperate climate, clean bowels, moderation in speech.

Above all, it is imperative to observe Brahmacharya, or perfect continence.

Violation of these restrictions is liable to cause heart- or brain- disease.

—— Paramartha Prasanga Para 7-10 — By Swami Virajananda

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