Lesson 6: Self-Confidence, Faith and Hope

SELF-CONFIDENCE, FAITH, HOPE : Instructions on Spirituality – Swami Virajananda  – 6


Never think yourself to be weak. Have firm faith in yourself.

Think, “There is nothing that I cannot do; I can do everything if I will.”

Why should you acknowledge defeat to your mind? Know that if you can subdue it, the whole world will be under your feet.

One who has no self-confidence does not have real faith in God.

Swami Vivekananda has said that the real atheist is he who has no faith in himself.

Nobody listens to the words of one who has no self-confidence; and God also does not listen to his prayers.



Faith works wonders – makes the impossible possible.

Faith plies its boat, setting sail over dry land.

The doubting self is drowned even in ankle-deep water.



Hope is life. Hope is the source of all strength and effort. If hope is given up, one suffers agonies of death, becomes dead though living.

Cling to hope till the last breath. Never, till death comes, give up the hope of realizing God.

If He so wills, He may shower his grace upon you at any time. Have this faith that He may perchance reveal Himself to you even at the last moment.


—— Paramartha Prasanga Para 14,19,20 — By Swami Virajananda



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