Governments, Act with a Heart

On public comments about a politician’s vitriolic comments on Mother Teresa, I read one letter from Shri Ramachandran of Kerala which inspired me very much. I reproduce it below:

“We must note that organisations for charity and political parties and religions which claim special concern for the poor have a stake in the existence of poverty and misery, because if they ceased to prevail, their own raison d’être would cease. Their main objective is to make poverty and suffering bearable so that the poor and those who suffer do not rebel against the powers that have an interest in maintaining status quo. Corporates — they belong in this category — are not reluctant to contribute fair amounts for charitable work, as an investment or for creating an image of social responsibility.

Governments, which irrespective of their hue have a stake in protecting the interests of  corporates, view with satisfaction the work of charitable organisations. From this it is clear that what we need is not charitable work but the creation and maintenance of an equitable government which ensures as a right of the poor what charitable organisations do in pursuit of their own interests. To the extent that such governments come to exist, the need for charitable organisations would cease. Though undoubtedly difficult, this is the only really effective strategy for eliminating poverty and suffering.

A. Ramachandran,Ottapalam, Kerala”


I admire the letter from Shri A Ramachandran (The Hindu, Chennai, 27th February, 2015) which provides the  highest-quality germ of thought that touches on the activities of the charitable organisations in general and the organisations in politics and religion.

It should be an eye opener for all fair thinking individuals (I have consciously avoided the term ‘right’) who love India and its people.

Instead of waiting for the God to gift an equitable government to us (I am still NOT an atheist), all thought leaders should build upon the ideals of our forefathers and carefully lay the stones and pave the path towards building an equitable government in India. (I am apolitical and retain the rights of citizenry).

It behoves well for every one of us to properly think about ourselves as an individual who has personal views but who essentially is part of the society.

N Ganapathy Subramanian

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