Don’t be a crap, Reclaim yourself, Live a Realistic Life


Facebook is a forum which starts with friends, then with known persons, then friends of friends and so on. You get a kick when your friends in Facebook multiply.

A torrent starts – unlimited number of messages that pour down on to the page, many of different tastes, genres and levels of elitism or its various stages of degrade.

Some are here for a heck, some for its ability to fool a person’s ego by the number of likes or forwards, some for the business interests, some for some vicarious satisfaction of getting a readership in alternate media, etc.

Do you belong to a category of people who kid themselves they are happier with Facebook than without? I sheepishly admit I was also one.

I have been in Facebook for almost 8 years now. I find I have not become saner.

But slowly and slowly I started realizing that it supplies some vicarious happiness, gently tapping our ego. The more time spent on Facebook is actually reducing our lifetime, that is meaningful living time.

I have not watched the hugely popular sitcom “Friends”, but I know for sure the term ‘Friends’ as used in Facebook has completely lost its original meaning.

I had a taste of sanity which was tied up in social media only on two occasions.

  • One was two years back, when an intruder did something that reduced my Facebook friends’ strength drastically. Initially I felt angry as I lost a few good friends but a number of unknowns. But a kind of sanity arrived.
  • Another occasion was two months back, when I came out of a WhatsApp group I created. I became uncomfortable when my friends do not read or comment. And this disease was healed when I quit.

I have learnt my lesson. You also can, if you wish.

Life is Bigger than your social media.


14 November 2017


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