Try to deserve what you want


” You are so wonderful in many ways, and you have such unplumbed depths of love and devotion – do not spoil all by failure in one point.

Daily I watch your life and I know what you want.  When you are unhappy, your face tells me the story; besides, you have spoken plainly with your tongue.

You want something which, if you are honest (and you have a very honest and sincere nature), you will admit you have not earned, you do not deserve.

Try the method of self-control and patience, of respectful answers.

Try to deserve what you want, whether you get it or not.

Do not tell me that the behavior of A, B, or C is not any better than yours. What is it to you how anyone else acts ?

It is your own life, your own soul, that concerns you.

I do not think that I have anything that you would like to have. I do not think you envy me any of my duties – but there is no harm in my writing as if you did.

I assure you that I have nothing that has been given to me without effort on my part – patient, self-controlled, strenuous effort, maintained by keeping my eyes fixed upon the goal that I saw before me when I was initiated into sannyas, and by asking myself in painful moments, “What did you come for? Was it for favours, or notice of any kind? Or was it for God?”

Are you a weakling ? Can your feet not tread the same path that my poor feet are walking upon – the path that leads to the smile of God and Guru, that gives deep peace to the soul?

With everlasting love in God and Guruji,



That was a letter written by SRI GYANAMATA, a great disciple of Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda. This letter was meant for one of her disciples. By posting this piece of advice in my blog, I do not preach the reader to become a saint by taking sannyas.

The message contains very important lessons for you and me, be us in whatever position or avocation or circumstance.

  • For lasting happiness of achievement, you have to try to deserve what you want, whether you get it or not.
  • You have to exert yourself, work hard to reach a status of deserving of what you want.
  • In our path of progress, we have to notice both the failures and successes of people walking beside us in our life and should aspire for a certain goal and take proper efforts, depending on our position, to attain the goal.


-NYTANAYA 12 November 2017


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