Immortality by Proxy



We are all proxies, no offence meant.

Proxy, the dictionary says, is one who is

Empowered to act on behalf of another.

If you believe what the dictionary says,     (we are all proxies.)


A president says he represents the nation;

A principal says he represents the school;

A proxy votes for a stakeholder in a business;

If you believe all the above, then              (we are all proxies.)


My company gives me a job and employs me in a role

To represent my company in ways authorized;

The police represents the state and states

That It works for me, I am not kidding       (we are all proxies.)


Wake up my brother, and my sister

Stop acting for others and start

Representing you, the great YOU inside of you

And do things on your own.


We are not proxies if you think for the World

And do things on your own that stay on earth

And help each unfortunate brother and sister

And you get immortal by proxy.


  • Nytanaya
  • November 5, 2017




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