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I am a student. I have always been a student.  My formal learning in a post graduate course was 4 decades back. Now I am in early sixties.

Some of friends who have always seen me with a book or a notebook frequently questioned me what I was learning at this age, I should rather stop, take a pause and consider teaching.

I am not trained as a teacher. My area of study was commerce, finance and personnel management. My career in a Bank drew me deep into money, banking, finance. I have done my M Com and acquired Associate Membership of Indian Institute of Banking, now called Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. 

I was among the first 1000 students who joined the CFA course of ICFAI, when the collaboration with the American Institute was alive and degrees were co-certified by CFA-USA.  I was in junior management in a public sector commercial bank in Tamil Nadu, when I started the CFA course. In my career I was having some exposure to foreign exchange and merchant banking and this motivated me to join the CFA course. I also promoted a local chapter of the ICFAI and was its convenor for about a year, before I opted to be in New Delhi again just to be able to work in merchant banking department of the bank in one branch which contributed major share of merchant banking profit of the bank. Responsibilities of my job as I moved up the ladder were preventing me from pursuing the course fully. I gave up the course after I finished the first level.

I was a freelancing writer in my college years, with some of my writing appearing in daily and monthly newspapers and magazines. I could make some money out of it which was quite useful in my college days to buy and read non-prescribed books.

This blog affirms my position that I continue to be a student. Being in the mood of  a student has given me enthusiasm to read and increase my grasp of the eternally changing knowledge space in many disciplines which I had the exposure to and I still have the interest in. These include accountancy, banking, commerce, economics, finance, industrial psychology, human behavior, commercial law, financial analysis.

In a man’s life, man proposes many things and plans to do certain things, but it is the Almighty God who decides and allows the plan to succeed and bear fruit.  Indian spiritual teachings admonish those who have studied but do not teach, as badly as they admonish wrongdoers and criminals. They prescribe that the first duty of a good student is to teach others. The dharma of a person who has studied and learnt it, is doing the karma of teaching what he learnt to others.

As it is with a dharmic attitude I start this category, I hope the Universal Knowledge which is everywhere will drive the blog find its root, take a shape, and grow into a useful plant that will later give a tasty fruit of knowledge, adventure and achievement.

I invoke the name of Goddess Saraswati to bless me in this effort and make it meaningful.

N Ganapathy Subramanian


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