Cast Some Out and Count Some In


Some like what you do and some do not.

Some praise you for what you did and some ridicule you.

Some appreciate what you did, but express negative opinion, as they fear you may overtake them.

Some motivate you to do a thing and some discourage you.

Some smile at you and some frown at you.

DO ANY OF THESE AFFECT YOU IN DECIDING WHAT TO DO ? and lands you in a dilemma that makes you more often than not in hesitating to do it any more ?

Do you think the world is responsible to make you happy and if it fails to do so, you are justified in your inaction?

Realize you are the only person who is responsible for all the good things that happen to you.

If some others may be granted that status, the list will be a small one. That list will include your father, your mother, your spouse who are deeply interested in your true welfare.

That leaves the whole world out, is it not ? Is it fair to leave them all out ?

May not necessarily be so.

But you make yourself strong by developing good thinking habits. You have always not to believe all the things said or unsaid by others, not taking anything at face value, but by thinking about the occasion, the person, the motive etc ., before jumping to conclude you have to alter your plan of action.

You always learn from others, not their words if they do not happen to be your teachers.

But you always learn from others by watching their behavior, their abilities, their successes, their failures and their prejudices.

Always  retain your strength within you and decide things in proper perspective.

You are the creator of your own destiny.


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